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Send your project viral with the help of the London’s leading voice over agency (check our latest projects).

Add voice over to a variety of content, including TV and radio, business presentations, corporate and educational videos, e-learning courses, online advertising, websites and many more.

Browse our voice over talents below and click to hear their samples (or maybe read how to get a perfect British Voice-Over or an American English VO!)
We are at hand to swiftly help you find and cast the perfect voice.

With more than 15 years’ experience in voice overs you are in safe hands,
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You deserve the best! Leave your project to the experts at GoLocalise so that you can relax and be assured of getting top-notch results. Every single detail will be analysed, studied and looked after so that you do not need to worry. Some would say it’s not too classy to blow our own trumpet… but we just like to point out two very important details.

We have achieved ISO 9001 Quality Management certification in recognition of our consistent performance and high standards, and ISO 14001 Environmental Management because we care about our planet! And if you are still curious and want to know more about us, why not have a look at our studio page.

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Working alongside translation & production companies

Having a strong audiovisual department on your side makes all the difference!

With GoLocalise, the leading voice over agency in London,  you get an experienced and motivated team of professionals that work regularly alongside translation and production companies.

We understand the technical requirements necessary to produce perfect foreign language and English voice overs.

Our project managers will assist you along the way and we’ll break down the process and present it to you without the big words or technical industry jargon, so you don’t need to worry about the technical aspects and can simply concentrate on growing your business.

By working with GoLocalise you’ll also be able to offer additional services, i.e., voice over, subtitling and translation to your clients, with a partner who will deliver and on whom you can truly rely.

When working with translation companies we provide easy-to-follow guidelines so that you can provide your own translations for us to “convert” into subtitles, or voice over your translated scripts. Or if you prefer, we can take the entire project off your hands and keep things simple for you – it’ your call!

We’re equally used to working with production companies, so we can deliver your translations or subtitles in any language and format of your choice – either burning-in the subtitles onto the video for you, or supplying you with XML or PNG files for you to do yourself – Adobe After Effects and Final Cut Pro ready files.al

Reach your target market

Don’t risk miscommunication. Assure clarity and impact of your message by choosing GoLocalise, the leading voice over agency, for all your upcoming voice over projects.

We have thousands of passionate and professional voice over artists ready to work with you (meet them on the blog).

No matter the type of voice you are looking for, we’ll either have it in our books or find it and source it for you.

We’ll organise a casting and ensure you get the perfect voice to suit your needs.

You will also benefit from having your own dedicated project manager – a single point of contact – to guide you through your project, answer any questions you may have and make things a whole lot easier.

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Meet your dedicated project manager

Your project will be in the safe hands of one of our multilingual project managers.

They will guide you through every step and ensure you understand the process. Our industry has a tendency to use lots of technical jargon but your dedicated project manager will be on-hand to untangle the mess and explain all you need to know to ensure you only pay for what you need.

If you need help in choosing the right voice over talent to deliver your message or check the Voice Over Rates then just ask your project manager.

From booking our voice over recording studios to ensuring you project is delivered on time in your chosen media, relax and let your experienced project manager take care of everything.

You will receive unparalleled attention to detail and customer focus at competitive prices. You’ll wish everything was as easy as a GoLocalise voice over!

Your most discerning customers will thank you for choosing our modern state-of-the-art recording studios.

Every detail has been carefully thought through for your comfort, leaving you to simply focus on what matters most – the voice over session (learn how to calculate the studio time you need to book for your recording).

Your recordings will sound beautiful and crystal clear thanks to our high-end studio sound-proofing and audio equipment, i.e. ProTools HD and Neumann microphones.

Maximise your budget by reducing the need for retakes with the help of our experienced in-house sound engineers who will professionally capture and edit your audio.

And for those recordings in languages which neither you nor your client speak, we’ll bring a qualified pro to your session to add that essential ingredient.

To make you feel right at home, we provide high-speed Wi-Fi Internet and air-con is available. And last but not least, we have the biggest cookie jar you’ve ever seen, that’ll make your custom brew taste even sweeter!

Read more details about the features of a professional voice-over recording studio.

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Types of Voice Over Recordings

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Frequently Asked Questions

Finding a professional voiceover artist can be done through various avenues. GoLocalise offers a curated list of experienced voiceover talents. Another option is to explore online voiceover directories or platforms. When choosing, take time to review their demos and samples to ensure they match your project’s requirements.

When looking for a voiceover artist, consider qualities like vocal versatility, clarity, expression, and their ability to capture the tone and style you need. Our GoLocalise artists are thoroughly vetted for professionalism and ability to interpret scripts effectively. Reliability and the ability to take direction are also key qualities we uphold.

Hiring a voiceover artist typically involves defining your project requirements, including script length, tone, and budget. Then, you can search for voiceover artists online or through agencies. At GoLocalise, we simplify this process. Just provide us with your project details, and our team will handle the artist selection, rate negotiation, and project coordination. Effective communication throughout the recording session ensures you get the results you desire without hidden costs.

Yes! At GoLocalise, we strongly recommend listening to voiceover samples before making a decision. This allows you to assess their vocal range, style, and suitability. Our platform offers a diverse range of artist demos, ensuring you find the perfect match for your project.

The length of a voiceover project depends on its complexity and length. Short projects like commercials or brief narrations can be completed within a few hours to a couple of days. Longer projects such as audiobooks or animated films may take weeks or even months. When working with GoLocalise, our project managers will always provide a clear timeline upfront, considering factors like script length, revisions, and artist availability.

The cost of voiceover services can vary depending on factors such as the project length, usage rights, and the experience of the voiceover artist. Prices can range from a few hundred pounds to several thousand. At GoLocalise, we have a comprehensive pricing structure, and our team is always ready to provide custom quotes tailored to your specific needs.

With GoLocalise, we encourage clients to provide clear instructions and examples. Sharing reference recordings or having a live session can guide the artist in real-time. Effective communication ensures that our artists understand and meet your requirements.

Yes, many voiceover artists can deliver in various accents or languages. GoLocalise boasts a diverse roster of multilingual artists who bring authenticity to their performances. For specific accents or languages, it’s crucial to discuss your requirements upfront.

Working with GoLocalise means open and efficient communication. To provide feedback, be specific and constructive. Our artists are professional and receptive, ensuring your feedback results in a perfect final product.

Limitations or restrictions can vary. When partnering with GoLocalise, it’s crucial to discuss these upfront. Our team ensures transparent communication to prevent any misunderstandings.

At GoLocalise, the rights to the recordings are usually determined by the agreed-upon terms. Always ensure you clarify rights and usage permissions upfront. A written contract helps establish and protect these rights.

Voiceover services enhance content by adding a voice. Dubbing replaces original voices with different ones, and narration provides spoken commentary. At GoLocalise, we offer all these services, each tailored to unique project requirements.

Many voiceover artists can work remotely, and many of our GoLocalise talents are equipped with professional home studios. However, for specific technical requirements, it might be preferable to record in a studio.

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