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Chinese Cantonese Voice Over

Multilingual Voiceover Project for BlackBerry’s Innovative Campaign

Client Profile: BlackBerry, a trailblazer in the mobile communications industry since their pivotal release of an email pager in 1999, continues to drive innovation in mobile technology. Their commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of their work, including their approach to customer engagement through instructional videos.

Project Overview: We were tasked with a comprehensive voiceover project for BlackBerry, translating and recording the English narration of their latest product guides into ten languages for a total of 49 videos. This case study focuses on the Chinese Cantonese version.

Our Approach: Our translators began by adapting the English script into the required languages, maintaining the original’s clarity and brand tone. Simultaneously, our Project Managers curated a list of Chinese Cantonese voiceover talents in line with BlackBerry’s specifications.

Execution: Upon the client’s selection of the preferred Cantonese voiceover artist and approval of the translated scripts, we proceeded to our London studio. A Language Director was present to facilitate accuracy and consistency during the recording, with the client providing direction to capture their precise vision.

Quality Assurance: The collaboration between our sound engineers, the Language Director, and the client ensured an effective recording process. This synergy was crucial for meeting the high standards set by BlackBerry and for the timely production of each video.

Outcome: The result was a series of polished instructional videos that reflected BlackBerry’s dedication to quality and innovation. The client was thoroughly satisfied with the final product, strengthening our ongoing partnership.

Anticipation for Future Projects: The success of this project has left us enthusiastic about continuing our collaboration with BlackBerry and contributing to their legacy of redefining the mobile experience.

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