Localising US Elections

Localising US Elections

Farsi Voice Over

Expanding Horizons with Farsi Voiceover Expertise

Client Profile: Our agency takes great pride in our capacity to deliver voiceover services in a multitude of languages, a testament to our commitment to global communication. We celebrate the opportunity to connect businesses with international markets through our localisation and translation services.

Project Overview: In November 2020, we undertook a project that involved providing Farsi voiceover services for an international media company. The assignment was to localise their coverage of the 2020 US elections, making the content accessible and relevant for Farsi-speaking audiences.

Our Approach: With a clear understanding of the project’s significance, we delved into our pool of Farsi voiceover talent to find the perfect match for the video’s tone and message. We curated a selection of suitable voices for the client, empowering them to choose the voice that best aligned with their vision.

Execution: Following the client’s selection, we organised and conducted the Farsi voiceover recording session. The chosen voiceover artist embodied the client’s message with precision and agility, ensuring the final product reflected the nuances of the content.

Quality Assurance: Our commitment to quality meant overseeing the project from selection to recording, ensuring professionalism and efficiency throughout the process, and delivering a product that met the high standards we uphold.

Outcome: The successful completion of the voiceover was a significant achievement, showcasing our role in bridging cultural divides through meticulous localisation. The client’s satisfaction affirmed our dedication to service excellence.

Discover the Localised Content: An example of the Farsi-dubbed election coverage video is available for viewing, illustrating our contribution to the client’s international outreach.

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