Truckers Against Trafficking

Truckers Against Trafficking

French Canadian Subtitles

Promoting Awareness through Precision in Subtitling

Client Profile: Our esteemed partnership commenced with a video production company dedicated to crafting content that leaves a meaningful mark on society. Their ethos of driving positive change through video narratives aligns seamlessly with our linguistic services.

Project Overview: The success of our initial French-Canadian subtitling project paved the way for a subsequent collaboration. Utilising our new client discount scheme, the company engaged our services for a critical 23-minute video designed to enlighten viewers on human trafficking, its identification, and reporting protocols.

Our Approach: To ensure continuity and precision, we revisited our relationship with the specialised French-Canadian linguist from the previous project. Our goal was to maintain the established tonal consistency while adapting the new content for French-Canadian audiences.

Execution: The subtitling process was initiated with meticulous translation of both audio and on-screen text. Special attention was given to terminologies and phrasings crucial to the subject matter, ensuring clarity and accuracy.

Quality Assurance: Following the translation, our in-house quality control (QC) rigorously vetted the subtitles to guarantee error-free content that meets our stringent standards of excellence. Only upon confirming the quality of the subtitles did we proceed to the burning-in phase.

Outcome: Our diligence was rewarded with the client’s approval and commendation, marking another successful collaboration. The resulting video, complete with French-Canadian captions, now serves as an educational tool, expanding its reach and efficacy.

Explore Our Impact: The video, showcasing our subtitling craft, can be viewed on this page with the French-Canadian captions integral to the message it conveys. For a deeper insight into our client’s noble cause, we encourage a visit to their website linked HERE.

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