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Leading Subtitling and Captioning Services

Add subtitles to a variety of content, including business presentations, corporate and educational videos, e-learning courses, feature films, promo videos and many more (take a look at our Subtitling rates Guide.).

Whether you have one video or many, we can help. You’ll get an all-inclusive, cost-effective and
hassle-free subtitling solution.

We work with a
global network of professional subtitlers, but you deal directly with us and can trust us to deliver your project to your specifications.

Our in-house subtitlers and project managers are equipped with
industry-standard subtitling software and will thoroughly check all subtitle files before delivery, so you don’t need to worry.

Subtitling and captioning services
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With more than 15 years’ experience in the subtitling field you are in safe hands. Rest assured you’ll receive accurately timed and perfectly translated subtitles!

Whether you are a corporate client or a
translation or production company, we’ll adapt to your needs so that you can add video translation services to your portfolio of services.

We are only a call or email away or, if you prefer, you can visit our get-a-quote page to discuss your subtitling project in detail. You’ll receive spot-on subtitles to suit your project and needs.

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Benefits of using GoLocalise as your subtitling and captioning service provider

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WOW your clients with first-class English and foreign language subtitles.

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Stringent quality control processes – subtitling templates created and checked in-house, and timed to professional standards.

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Industry leading subtitling software to create subtitles that are perfectly timed to the exact frame and aesthetically positioned around shot changes.

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Experienced native subtitlers able to translate the meaning whilst respecting the style and space constraints specific to subtitling.

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All translations are thoroughly quality checked by our experienced project managers before final delivery.

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You will receive ready-to-use videos with translated burnt-in subtitles – open captions – that are ready to be uploaded to your website. You can customise the style and look of the subtitles (font, size, colour, positioning, etc.)

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Subtitles that can be switched on and off in multiple languages – closed captions – ready to be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo channels, DVD or Blu-Ray.

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On-screen text and captions in your video can be translated and graphically edited, so that you receive a flawless foreign language version.

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Reach a wider audience with Closed Captions and SDH subtitles.

Why choose us?

Why choose us?
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You deserve the best!

Leave your project to the experts at GoLocalise so that you can relax and be assured of getting top-notch results.

Every single detail will be analysed, studied and looked
after so that you do not need to worry. Some would say it’s not too classy to blow our own trumpet… but we just like to point out two very important details.

We have achieved ISO 9001 Quality Management certification in recognition of our consistent performance and high standards, and ISO 14001 Environmental Management because we care about our planet!

And if you are still curious and want to know more about us, why not have a look at our studio page.

Professional Subtitling Formats

Whether you want English subtitles or foreign language subtitles, GoLocalise is the answer! We can adapt and time your own translation into subtitle format or create foreign language subtitles in any language from scratch, including English subtitles and SDH (Subtitling for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing).

You can choose to receive your subtitles in over 40 formats, including: AQT, ASC, ASS, CIP, DAR, DAS, DAT, DKS, FDX, FPC, HTML, JS, JSS, LRC, MPL, MTL, OVR, PAC, PAN, PJS, RT, RTF, S2K, SAMI, SBT, SBV, SCC, SIF, SMI, SON, SRF, SRT, SSA, SST, SSTS, STL, STL, STP, SUB, TTS, TXT, USF, VKT, VSF, VTT, XML and ZEG.

We work with you so that you get the perfect subtitles to suit your needs.

Caption & Graphic Editing

When localising and translating videos (whether you choose subtitling or voice over), you’ll find that often there are several elements that need to be localised. These elements can be on-screen graphics, text and/or captions.

Our expert project managers will review the video or project file and advise which elements would be best subtitled or graphically edited.

If you do not have the project files, worry not; one of our expert editors will be able to re-create the graphics, captions and titles of your video.

Our expert editors work with a multitude of software: to localise graphics we use Photoshop or Illustrator; and After Effects and Final Cut Pro to create motion graphics and visual effects.

Once all elements are in the video, and the graphic elements have been created and localised, we can then rebuild the video and export it to whichever format and codec you need.

We’ll prepare your video project for any platform, including PAL, NTSC, VOD, the Internet, smartphones, game consoles, mp3 players and tablets.

With our facilities and highly skilled operators, your videos are in safe hands!

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Receipt of Final video

Video format can differ, but must be convertible and supported by subtitling software. Provider will verify specific requirements.

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English Template

Usually undertaken if translation into more than one language is required.

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Send the English template to the linguist for translation.

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Receipt of Translated Subtitles

Subtitle file imported for quality checks, ensuring proper reading speed and line limits.

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Quality Check

If quality is unsatisfactory, the subtitle file is returned to the translator for needed revisions.

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Final check & send

Following final checks, the translated subtitle file is sent to the client upon meeting expectations.

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Client Approval

For burning-in, client approval required. Changes shared with subtitler, implemented if they meet requirements; or alternatives suggested to client.

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Once all changes are made and the final translation is ready, the burning-in process (if requested) will occur.

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Your Video is Ready!

Your final video is ready and will be sent to you via an encrypted secure private link directly from our server.

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Working alongside translation & production companies

Having a strong audiovisual department on your side makes all the difference!

With GoLocalise you get an experienced and motivated team of professionals that work regularly alongside translation and production companies.

We understand the technical requirements necessary to produce perfect foreign language and English voice overs.

Our project managers will assist you along the way and we’ll break down the process and present it to you without the big words or technical industry jargon, so you don’t need to worry about the technical aspects and can simply concentrate on growing your business.

By working with GoLocalise you’ll be able to offer additional services, i.e., voice oversubtitling and translation to your clients, with a partner who will deliver and on whom you can truly rely.

When working with translation companies we provide easy-to-follow guidelines so that you can provide your own translations for us to “convert” into subtitles, or voice over your translated scripts.

Or if you prefer, we can take the entire project off your hands and keep things simple for you – it’s your call!

We’re equally used to working with production companies, so we can deliver your translations or subtitles in any language and format of your choice – either burning-in the subtitles onto the video for you, or supplying you with XML or PNG files for you to do yourself – Adobe After Effects and Final Cut Pro ready files.

Reach your target market

Don’t leave your important communication to chance. Make sure your message is clearly understood by
your audience and choose GoLocalise for your next voice over project.

We have thousands of passionate and professional voice over artists ready to work with you (meet them on the blog).

No matter the type of voice you are looking for, we’ll either have it in our books or find it and source it for you.

We’ll organise a casting and ensure you get the perfect voice to suit your needs.

You will also benefit from having your own dedicated project manager – a single point of contact – to guide you through your project, answer any questions you may have and make things a whole lot easier.

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Meet your dedicated project manager

Your project will be in the safe hands of one of our multilingual project managers.

They will guide you through every step and ensure you understand the process. Our industry has a tendency to use lots of technical jargon but your dedicated project manager will be on-hand to untangle the mess and explain all you need to know to ensure you only pay for what you need.

If you need help in choosing the right voice over talent to deliver your message then just ask your project manager.

From booking our voice over recording studios to ensuring you project is delivered on time in your chosen media, relax and let your experienced project manager take care of everything.

You will receive unparalleled attention to detail and customer focus at competitive prices. You’ll wish everything was as easy as a GoLocalise voice over!

Your most discerning customers will thank you for choosing our modern state-of-the-art recording studios.

Every detail has been carefully thought through for your comfort, leaving you to simply focus on what matters most – the voice over session.

Your recordings will sound beautiful and crystal clear thanks to our high-end studio sound-proofing and audio equipment, i.e. ProTools HD and Neumann microphones.

Maximise your budget by reducing the need for retakes with the help of our experienced in-house sound engineers who will professionally capture and edit your audio.

And for those recordings in languages which neither you nor your client speak, we’ll bring a qualified pro to your session to add that essential ingredient. To make you feel right at home, we provide high-speed Wi-Fi Internet and air-con is available. And last but not least, we have the biggest cookie jar you’ve ever seen, that’ll make your custom brew taste even sweeter!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Engaging a professional subtitling agency is not just an investment in enhancing content; it’s a strategic move with multifaceted benefits that cater to a globalised digital landscape.

Broadened Accessibility:
At the forefront, these agencies champion inclusivity. By adding subtitles, your content becomes accessible to a larger demographic, including the hearing-impaired. In a world that’s increasingly sensitive to inclusivity, this move doesn’t just enhance reach; it also demonstrates a brand’s commitment to serving diverse audiences.

Linguistic Expertise:
Professional subtitling goes beyond mere transcription. With agencies, you’re leveraging the skills of seasoned linguists. These experts grasp the intricate nuances of various languages, ensuring that subtleties, cultural contexts, and idiomatic expressions are aptly captured. This meticulous attention to detail guarantees that the message retains its essence across different languages.

Global Reach:
In an interconnected world, content knows no boundaries. By localising content, agencies ensure that videos resonate with audiences across continents. Whether it’s tailoring subtitles to American English or Brazilian Portuguese, localisation ensures cultural relevance, making content feel both familiar and engaging to diverse viewers.

SEO and Discoverability:
Beyond the immediate viewing experience, subtitling can be a potent tool for digital discoverability. By integrating relevant keywords within subtitles, agencies can enhance a video’s SEO. This optimisation ensures that content ranks higher on search engines, drawing in a broader audience and increasing view counts.

Quality and Precision:
Accuracy is paramount in subtitling. Professional agencies maintain rigorous quality checks, ensuring that subtitles align perfectly with on-screen dialogue and visuals. This synchronisation heightens the viewer’s comprehension and immersion, ensuring they remain engaged throughout.

In summary, by opting for a professional subtitling agency, content creators and brands significantly amplify their video content’s impact, ensuring it’s poised for global success.

Absolutely. A seasoned subtitling agency offers more than mere translation; it’s about making content globally resonant.

Translation Depth:
At its core, translation is about capturing the essence of content, ensuring linguistic fidelity while maintaining the content’s tone and style.

Localisation and Cultural Resonance:
Beyond translation lies localisation, a process of adapting content to fit cultural nuances. It ensures the content feels familiar, tapping into local idioms, traditions, and societal norms.

Enhanced Engagement and SEO:
When content is both translated and localised, it appeals more broadly, leading to increased viewer engagement. This heightened interaction not only amplifies viewer experience but also boosts the content’s discoverability and SEO footprint in varied markets.

In summary, through expert translation and localisation, a subtitling agency ensures content is both accessible and relatable to global audiences.

Subtitling services go far beyond merely putting text on screen. They encompass a range of offerings designed to make video content accessible, engaging, and culturally relevant to a diverse audience.

Firstly, expect expertise in multiple languages. Global content demands global reach, and professional subtitling services often provide translation and localisation in a myriad of languages.

Customisation is another key offering. Every brand and content creator has a unique voice and style. Subtitling services should be flexible enough to capture and convey that uniqueness, be it through tailored subtitle styles or specific linguistic choices.

Lastly, technological prowess is paramount. The best subtitling services utilise cutting-edge software and tools to ensure precision, consistency, and rapid turnaround times. From AI-driven transcription services to cloud-based collaboration tools, technology plays a pivotal role in delivering top-notch subtitles.

The journey from raw video to perfectly subtitled content is intricate. It starts with transcription, where every spoken word is documented. This transcript serves as the foundation upon which subtitles are built.

Next comes segmentation, where the transcript is divided into bite-sized chunks, perfect for viewer consumption. Translation follows if the content is intended for multilingual audiences, ensuring cultural and linguistic appropriateness.

Synchronisation is the phase where precision truly counts. Here, the subtitles are timed perfectly to match on-screen dialogue. This meticulous process ensures viewers have enough time to read and comprehend each subtitle as they listen.

Quality checks round off the process. Here, professionals review the subtitles for accuracy, synchronisation, and adherence to guidelines. This final touch ensures the end product is polished and of the highest standard.

Automated tools, while convenient, often miss the mark when it comes to capturing the nuance, tone, and cultural context of content.

A professional subtitling agency, on the other hand, combines the efficiency of modern technology with the irreplaceable touch of human expertise. Every piece of content is meticulously reviewed by a team of linguists who bring in-depth knowledge of both the language and its cultural intricacies. This ensures that the subtitles aren’t just accurate, but also contextually relevant, providing a richer viewing experience. Ultimately, choosing an agency guarantees a perfect blend of accuracy, context, and digital strategy, which automated tools can’t replicate.

Both open and closed captions provide a textual representation of video audio, but they serve different purposes and have distinct usability features.

Open captions are permanently embedded into a video, making them consistently visible whenever the video plays. Being a part of the video image itself, they can’t be turned off by the viewer.

In contrast, closed captions can be toggled on or off based on the viewer’s preference. Unlike open captions, they aren’t hard-coded into the video. Instead, they exist as a separate track, allowing players or platforms to display them as needed.

Subtitles, while similar in concept, primarily focus on translating spoken dialogue for viewers who might not be familiar with the video’s primary language. They operate on the assumption that the viewer can hear the video but needs textual support for understanding the dialogue.

When choosing among these options, it’s essential to consider both your audience’s needs and the platforms where your content will be showcased. Each option offers a unique way to enhance accessibility and engagement, depending on the context.

Subtitle accuracy is pivotal to viewer engagement and understanding. Here’s how an agency achieves it:

  1. Combining Technology and Talent: While cutting-edge software helps in aligning the audio with the text, the real magic lies in human touch. Our experienced linguists play a crucial role in refining these automatically generated subtitles.

  2. Contextual Understanding: Our experts dive deeper than just the words. They grasp the context, essence, and tone of the content, ensuring subtitles mirror the video’s intent.

  3. Thorough Review: Before finalising, subtitles undergo rigorous checks. This meticulous verification process ensures viewers receive accurate and coherent information.

In sum, through a blend of technology and expert oversight, a subtitling agency ensures viewers enjoy accurate, clear, and contextually apt subtitles.

Subtitle consistency is paramount for maintaining a smooth and engaging viewer experience. Consistency in subtitling refers to maintaining a uniform style, presentation, and timing throughout the video content. This encompasses font, size, colour, and even the phrasing or terminology used.

Inconsistent subtitles can disrupt a viewer’s immersion, making them more aware of the subtitles than the content itself. Such disruptions can be as simple as varying font sizes or as complex as inconsistent translations of specific terms.

Ensuring consistency provides viewers with a seamless experience, allowing them to fully engage with the content without being jolted by irregularities in the subtitles. A professional subtitling agency maintains strict quality control to ensure such consistency across all projects.

Handling multiple languages and dialects demands a blend of linguistic expertise and cultural sensitivity. A proficient subtitling agency will typically have a diverse team of native linguists and translators who are experts in their respective languages and dialects.

Each language, and often each dialect within a language, carries its unique nuances, idioms, and cultural contexts. A mere literal translation would miss these intricacies, potentially leading to misunderstandings or misinterpretations.

Handling multiple languages and dialects demands a blend of linguistic expertise and cultural sensitivity. A proficient subtitling agency will typically have a diverse team of native linguists and translators who are experts in their respective languages and dialects.

Each language, and often each dialect within a language, carries its unique nuances, idioms, and cultural contexts. A mere literal translation would miss these intricacies, potentially leading to misunderstandings or misinterpretations.

To tackle this, a subtitling agency ensures that content is not only translated accurately but also localised. Localisation ensures that content resonates with the target audience’s cultural and regional sensibilities. By doing so, the agency ensures that subtitles are both linguistically accurate and culturally relevant, providing a genuine experience to viewers across different regions.

The format of subtitles plays a crucial role in determining their compatibility with various platforms and players. Different video platforms, be it streaming services, media players, or broadcast systems, may support different subtitle file formats. Some common formats include SRT, ASS, VTT, and many others.

Choosing the wrong format can result in subtitles not displaying correctly or, in some cases, not showing up at all. For content creators, ensuring compatibility means a wider audience can engage with the content as intended. Conversely, neglecting this can hinder viewer experience and limit accessibility.

A professional subtitling agency is well-acquainted with these intricacies. They ensure that the subtitle format aligns with the intended distribution platforms, guaranteeing seamless integration and optimal viewer experience.

“Burning in” subtitles means that the subtitles become a fixed part of the video imagery. Unlike optional subtitles which can be switched on or off by viewers, burned-in ones are always displayed and cannot be removed.

You might choose to burn in subtitles for several reasons:

  1. Platform Constraints: Not all platforms support detachable subtitle tracks. In such cases, burned-in subtitles become essential.

  2. Uniform Message Delivery: Burning in guarantees that all viewers, regardless of device or settings, get the intended message without distractions.

  3. Promotion & Marketing: It’s especially favoured for trailers and adverts. Here, creators want a consistent viewer experience without the variable of adjustable settings.

In essence, if you want a standardised viewing experience and message delivery, especially on platforms with subtitle limitations or for promotional content, burning in subtitles is a practical choice.

On-screen graphics, whether they’re logos, text, or other essential visuals, are pivotal in determining the position of subtitles within a video. It’s imperative that these elements, which often convey crucial information or branding, are not obscured by subtitles. In this context, a professional subtitling agency takes two main approaches:

  1. Strategic Positioning: They ensure subtitles are positioned such that they’re easy to read for viewers, but they never overshadow important graphics.

  2. Adaptive Adjustments: As video content evolves, subtitles may not always remain in a static location. They are dynamically moved or adjusted based on what’s visually prominent at any given moment to prevent covering vital information.

A professional approach to subtitling ensures that both the video’s graphic elements and the accompanying subtitles are clear and discernible, guaranteeing viewers a smooth and comprehensive viewing experience.

Subtitling guidelines act as the backbone for ensuring high-quality and consistent subtitles across various types of content. They’re designed to enhance readability, comprehension, and the overall viewer experience.

Each set of guidelines tackles crucial elements like the maximum number of characters per line, the duration a subtitle should remain on screen, and how to convey non-dialogue audio cues. Moreover, cultural nuances and idiomatic expressions are also considered to ensure the message’s intended meaning isn’t lost in translation.

Following these guidelines is particularly crucial for content aimed at a global audience. By adhering to a standardised set of practices, content creators and distributors can ensure that their message is consistently conveyed, irrespective of the viewer’s region or language.

The realm of subtitling encompasses a range of services, each with its own set of pricing considerations. Typically, the length and complexity of the content play a primary role in cost determination. A longer or more intricate dialogue naturally demands more time and expertise.

Additionally, the number of languages required can influence the overall price. Translation and localisation for multiple languages involve more resources. Specific services, such as direct translation or the creation of subtitles from scratch, can also vary in pricing.

Lastly, the turnaround time requested by a client can impact the cost. Urgent projects that require a swift delivery often come at a premium, given the intensified workload and focus they demand.

Subtitling styles refer to the visual aesthetics and presentation of the subtitles on screen. This encompasses font choices, sizes, colours, and even the positioning of the subtitles relative to on-screen action.

Different content types may demand varied styles. For instance, a corporate video might opt for a neutral font with subtle colours, while a kid’s show might embrace brighter hues and larger fonts. The style can influence viewer engagement, ensuring the content is both accessible and appealing.

Customisation is a significant aspect here. Brands often want subtitles that align with their brand guidelines, ensuring a consistent viewing experience that resonates with their identity.

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