Human Trafficking

Human Trafficking

French Canadian Subtitles

French-Canadian Subtitling for Human Trafficking Awareness Video

Client Profile: Our client, a video production company with a vision to produce impactful content, has demonstrated a commitment to addressing global issues through media. Following our initial successful engagement, they sought our expertise once more for a project with a profound social message.

Project Overview: The task involved creating French-Canadian subtitles for a 23-minute video aimed at raising awareness about human trafficking. This crucial educational tool was designed to inform viewers on identifying and reporting trafficking activities.

Our Approach: We engaged the same French-Canadian linguist from the previous project to ensure consistency in translation quality and style. Our team then undertook the subtitling process, translating both the spoken dialogue and on-screen text with meticulous attention to detail.

Execution: After crafting the subtitles, we conducted a rigorous in-house quality control (QC) to eliminate any errors and confirm the translation’s accuracy. This ensured the final subtitles met our high standards before presenting them to the client for approval.

Quality Assurance: The validated subtitles underwent a burning-in process, seamlessly integrating them into the video to provide viewers with a clear and accessible viewing experience.

Outcome: The client was thoroughly impressed with the final subtitled video, marking another successful collaboration. The video, complete with French-Canadian captions, can be viewed on this page.

Exploring Further: For those interested in the broader scope of our client’s endeavours, further information about their work is available on their website linked HERE.

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