Return of the Goat II

Return of the Goat II

French European Subtitling

Elevating Cycling Narratives with Multilingual Subtitling

Client Profile: Our latest collaboration involved a marketing agency with a zealous focus on cycling. Their dedication to capturing the essence of the sport and its community in their marketing efforts is evident in every project they undertake.

Project Overview: In May 2021, we were approached to infuse multicultural accessibility into their latest advertisement, ‘Return of the GOAT II’—a gripping short film that blends elements of suspense with a fantastical portrayal of a humanoid goat clan. The client required subtitles in multiple languages, notably French, to resonate with a diverse audience.

Our Approach: Understanding the client’s commitment to authenticity, we sought to translate not just the language but the very spirit of the narrative. Our team of seasoned French linguists was carefully selected for their proficiency and ability to handle such an intricate project.

Execution: The subtitling process was undertaken with the utmost care, ensuring that every nuance and thrill conveyed in the original was eloquently captured in the French subtitles. Our linguists embraced the challenge, delivering a product that was both true to the source material and culturally attuned to the French-speaking market.

Quality Assurance: Post-translation, we engaged in rigorous quality checks. Our in-house team meticulously vetted the subtitles for accuracy, cultural sensitivity, and alignment with the high-octane energy of the advertisement.

Outcome: The finalised French subtitles not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations, resulting in an enhanced viewer experience for the Francophone audience—comprising nearly 79 million people globally. Our partnership has since flourished, leading to subsequent projects.

Discover the Impact: We invite you to witness the augmented reach of the advertisement through our subtitling craft. The video attached to this case study exemplifies our commitment to breaking linguistic barriers and enriching viewer engagement.

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