Price Match Promise

Price Match Promise

At GoLocalise, we are dedicated to offering exceptional service at competitive prices, ensuring you always receive outstanding value. The below terms of our Price Match Promise are designed to provide you with both peace of mind and the assurance of fair pricing in a dynamic industry.

Our policy reflects our confidence in our pricing strategy and our commitment to customer satisfaction. By regularly monitoring the market, we guarantee that our rates remain the most competitive, matching or beating any like-for-like quote you receive from other service providers. Adhering to these guidelines, we aim to foster a relationship based on transparency and trust, ensuring your experience with GoLocalise is nothing short of excellent.

In the unlikely event you find a lower price elsewhere, simply present the quote, and we will swiftly adjust our pricing, honouring our Price Match Promise.

Terms and Conditions of Price Match Promise

  1. Eligibility: GoLocalise provides a Price Match policy exclusively for identical or like-for-like quotes. To qualify for a price match, customers must furnish the original PDF quote and corresponding email correspondence from the competing entity, encompassing the pertinent particulars.
  2. Price Matching Criteria: We undertake to match quotes from entities situated within designated regions, on the condition that the proffered service is indistinguishable or closely equivalent (like-for-like) to our own. The prerogative to ascertain the comparability of services lies solely within our discretion, as does the determination of region eligibility.
  3. Price Adjustment: Should the submitted quote meet the criteria for a price match, the quoted price will be revised accordingly. Adjustments shall solely be applicable at the point of purchase. Please note that we do not entertain requests for refunds pertaining to price differentials. Consequently, the Price Match option is exclusively accessible to customers at the time of their purchase.
  4. Limitations: The execution of price matching is contingent upon availability and is subject to the unfettered discretion of GoLocalise. We reserve the right to decline any request for a price match if we believe the quote fails to align with the established like-for-like criteria, or if we find the services proffered by the competitor to be incommensurate with our own.
  5. Communication: Customers are required to formally request a price match before finalizing their purchase. Such requests should be submitted in writing through the appropriate channels. You may reach out to the project manager who provided the initial quote, and they will assist in forwarding your request to our management for approval. Please ensure that you include all necessary documentary evidence, including the original PDF quote and the corresponding email thread, with your request.
  6. Time Limitation: All requests for price matching must be submitted within a stipulated timeframe of thirty (30) days from the date of reception of the original quote from the competing entity.
  7. Reduction Offer: In scenarios where a price match is unattainable due to disparities in service, we retain the discretionary right to proffer a reduction in our own pricing. This determination hinges on our evaluation of whether the competitor’s quote corresponds sufficiently with a like-for-like basis.
  8. Non-Combination with Other Offers: The Price Match policy may not be utilised concurrently with any other offer or promotion.
  9. Voice Over Projects: The availability of the selected voice-over artist is contingent upon their acceptance and schedule availability.
  10. Policy Changes: GoLocalise reserves the unimpeded right to effect alterations or terminate the Price Match policy, without prior notification.
  11. Discretion: All determinations concerning price matches are made at the sole discretion of GoLocalise. Our decisions are final and binding.
  12. Contact Information: For any inquiries or requests related to price matches, please don’t hesitate to contact our dedicated team at projects@golocalise.com.
  13. Governing Law: These terms and conditions are construed and governed by the laws of England and Wales.
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