Voice Over Session Length Calculator | How Much Studio Time Do I Need to Book?

Struggling to work out how much recording studio time you need to book for your voice over recording? Not to worry, we’ve got you covered.

Here at GoLocalise, we’ve drawn from our extensive voice over industry experience and figured out some rough averages to create a handy calculator tool to help you work out the estimated length of time needed for your voice over session. Bear in mind this is only a rough guide and not a substitute for reaching out to our team directly for a more precise opinion, but feel free to use this as a good starting point.

Voice Over Session Length Calculator

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Do you need your audio timed to match existing video content?

What Else Could Impact the Session Length? | Other Things to Consider When Estimating Voice Over Recording Time

  • Speed of individual voice over artists | Speed will vary per voice talent. They’re humans, not machines.
  • Number of different takes you’d like | If you think you might want 5 different takes of your 800-word script, your 800-word script just became a 4000-word script.
  • Number of different creatives/directors on the line | With creative projects it’s natural for our clients to want to have many different individuals and decision-makers on the line to direct voice over talents. We encourage this, as it allows the client to provide feedback in real-time, though sessions with more directors will require a longer session booked in most cases.
  • Translated languages | If you’re working from a script originally written in English and want to record a non-English version, bear in mind that English is a comparatively short language in comparison to many other languages. German is a great example of this, being around 20-30% longer than English on average.
  • Voice Over Artist Preparation | Sessions always run most efficiently when the voice over artist has been provided with the script well in advance of the session so they can prepare and familiarise themself with the content. When the materials are provided in advance, the VO artist can prepare before the session, and we might end up getting through the recording at the speed of sound! In cases where this hasn’t been possible, sessions might run slower than average.
  • And Many More Variables Too | Every voice over is different so please reach out to our team directly for more specific help.

We used GoLocalise to voice several of our films in Vietnamese. The service was friendly and professional. Being able to attend the recording sessions gave me confidence; the sound engineer had taken a lot of time to familiarise himself with our films and scripts, and the voice talents were incredibly competent and good at adapting to any changes in the scripts as we recorded. The whole process was incredibly smooth and I felt in safe hands.

Josie Gallo Content Co-ordinator at Medical Aid Films


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