American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention

Chinese Simplified Subtitles

Subtitling Without Borders: A Story of Hope in Multiple Languages

Client Profile: Partnering with We Are Caravan, an award-winning creative production company, we embarked on a project underpinned by the shared belief in the transformative power of storytelling. Their dedication to producing content that resonates on a global scale is mirrored in our passion for linguistic precision and accessibility.

Project Overview: The task set before us was to provide Chinese subtitles for the emotionally charged film “Pathways: Hope After Suicide Loss,” a piece commissioned by the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. The film plays a crucial role in connecting individuals affected by suicide, fostering understanding and hope through shared stories.

Our Approach: Acknowledging the complexities of the Chinese language, we engaged a team of native-speaking linguists, specialists in the nuances of subtitling for Chinese audiences. Our goal was to ensure the subtitles adhered to the distinct standards required for Chinese text, without compromising the film’s narrative flow.

Execution: The subtitling process was a delicate balancing act of technical precision and linguistic sensitivity. Our experienced linguists employed their expertise in spotting and detail to navigate the intricacies of Chinese characters and reading speeds, delivering subtitles that were both informative and comfortable to read.

Quality Assurance: Our in-house project managers performed rigorous technical checks, a staple in our quality assurance process, to ensure the subtitles met our high standards. The project’s success was marked by the seamless integration of subtitles that enhanced the viewing experience without detracting from the visual narrative.

Outcome: The result was a Chinese-subtitled version of the film that broadened its accessibility and impact. Our client’s commitment to reaching diverse audiences was fulfilled, reinforcing the notion that good stories deserve to be shared widely and with excellence.

Witness the Narrative Unfold: The final product of the Chinese subtitled video can be viewed, showcasing our meticulous subtitling work that has enabled the film to reach a wider audience. The subtitles act as a bridge, allowing viewers to experience the full depth of the film’s powerful message.

Video Credit: We are Caravan

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