Anti-Malaria Video for LSHTM

Anti-Malaria Video for LSHTM

French Africa Voice Over

Voicing Guidance: A French African Voiceover for Public Health

Client Profile: Our enduring partnership with Alternative View Studios, a prestigious London-based digital content and production agency, has flourished over numerous projects. Their confidence in our delivery has cemented a relationship built on trust and a mutual commitment to quality.

Project Overview: In June 2020, we were commissioned to lend our French African voiceover services for a critical health initiative. The project involved dubbing a comprehensive video about the administration of Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention (SMC) amidst the complexities of COVID-19, focusing on safeguarding health workers and families.

Our Approach: Upon receiving the client’s specifications and a shortlist of preferred voices from our array of French African artists, we immediately set out to confirm availability to adhere to the project timeline. Our goal was to match the client’s vision with a voice that conveyed both authority and care.

Execution: The voiceover recording was meticulously planned, allowing for the client to remotely direct the session, ensuring their message was captured precisely as intended. The voiceover artist, chosen from the client’s shortlist, was thoroughly briefed and came prepared to deliver a nuanced performance.

Quality Assurance: We ensured that the session was conducted with the highest standards of professionalism and technical quality, catering to the client’s needs for accuracy and prompt delivery.

Outcome: The client expressed satisfaction with the final French African voiceover service, which not only served their immediate project requirements but also contributed to an initiative with the potential for significant positive health outcomes.

Visualising Impact: The finished video, now available, showcases our voiceover contribution, enhancing the reach and effectiveness of this vital public health message.

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