Climate Resilient Smart Cities

Climate Resilient Smart Cities

Bengali Voice Over

Voice of Change: Aiding Climate Resilience through Bengali Voiceover Expertise

Client Profile: Our collaboration was with a forward-thinking project under the German Development Cooperation, specifically the Climate Resilient Inclusive Smart Cities (CRISC) programme in Bangladesh. The initiative is dedicated to steering urban development towards climate-sensitive practices, a mission we were proud to support with our linguistic services.

Project Overview: The project centred around producing a Bengali voiceover for an animated educational series aimed at promoting climate resilience. Our client provided detailed scripts and specific directives for the recording and editing process, emphasizing the need for seamless audio that aligned with precise time stamps.

Our Approach: In response to the client’s requirements, we engaged our network of seasoned Bengali voiceover artists known for their versatility and professionalism. Our aim was to find a voice that not only matched the project’s tone but also resonated with the local audience.

Execution: Once the ideal voice talent was selected, we coordinated a recording session that accommodated all parties, including the client who provided real-time direction. The talent, having thoroughly prepared by studying the scripts, delivered a nuanced performance.

Quality Assurance: Our skilled sound engineer played a pivotal role in ensuring the audio cuts matched the scripted time stamps while maintaining a natural flow, as if recorded in a single take. This technical finesse was crucial to meeting the project’s stringent standards.

Outcome: The client’s satisfaction with the final voiceover product was a testament to our collaborative approach and technical proficiency. Our relationship has since flourished, leading to multiple subsequent projects across various languages.

Hear the Impact: The success of this voiceover project exemplifies our commitment to providing services that not only meet but exceed client expectations, contributing to meaningful initiatives like the CRISC programme.

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