Impact On Urban Health

Impact On Urban Health

English Hard of Hearing (HoH) Subtitles

At GoLocalise, we value accessibility and want our work to reach everyone. It brings us great joy as an English and HoH subtitling agency when we have the chance to provide our English and HoH subtitling services to our clients so they can make their content all-inclusive and reach a wider audience.

One of our clients, passionate about capturing stories and sharing touching experiences, reached out to us with a request to have subtitles for the deaf and hard of hearing added to video for a project of theirs which aimed to raise awareness and fight health inequalities in minority communities. Of course, we were happy to help and contribute our skills to a meaningful cause.

We immediately reached out to our subtitlers who are specialised in English and SDH subtitles with the details of the project. There are always several things that the linguists need to take into account when subtitling such as the reading speed and character limitations but in this case, it was also important to implement the correct HoH guidelines like speakers’ identifications, noises in the background and any other non-speech elements in order to meet the target audience’s needs. Shortly after, we were able to provide the adapted subtitles for HoH.

As a result, the message our client wanted to get across will now be reaching a bigger audience and those affected will know where to get the help they need. The client also let us know that they were very pleased with the final product. You can see a snippet of the HoH subtitling work done for our client in this video.

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