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Client Profile: We had the pleasure of partnering with a premier trading platform and broker, renowned for their robust online presence and educational resources. Their aim to broaden the reach of their financial expertise led them to seek our specialised Russian subtitling services.

Project Overview: The ongoing project entailed crafting Russian subtitles for the client’s English video content, to be updated monthly. These subtitles were integral, serving dual purposes: enhancing accessibility for Russian-speaking audiences and forming the scripts for subsequent voiceover recordings in multiple languages.

Our Approach: Acknowledging the recurrent nature of the project, we secured commitment from our Russian linguists for consistent involvement. Maintaining linguistic continuity was crucial, given the educational content’s technical nature and the need for accurate translation across all videos.

Execution: The subtitling process required a meticulous balance between readability and synchronicity with the video’s audio. Our linguists meticulously considered factors such as reading speed, character limits, and subtitle duration to ensure the translations were both succinct and informative.

Quality Assurance: Post-translation, our in-house team conducted thorough checks on each subtitle file to ensure technical precision. We provided the client with both the subtitle files and a detailed Word document outlining the on-screen text, ready for their review and approval.

Outcome: The client’s consistent satisfaction with our work reinforced our commitment to delivering high-quality subtitling services that resonate with an international audience.

Showcasing Language Precision: The attached video exemplifies one of the many Russian subtitled videos we have produced, reflecting the accuracy and clarity our services bring to financial education.

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