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Enhancing Financial Literacy: A Russian Voiceover and Subtitling Project

Client Profile:, an esteemed global investment trading platform, is distinguished not only by their broker services but also by their dedication to educating traders through multilingual online resources. We were approached to extend their educational outreach with our Russian voiceover and subtitling expertise.

Project Overview: The project’s objective was to adapt English educational videos for a Russian-speaking audience, which involved producing timed-to-video Russian voiceovers and subtitles. This required a nuanced approach to ensure the content’s educational value was maintained across languages.

Our Approach: The initial phase entailed translating English content into Russian subtitles with the foresight that these would later underpin the voiceover scripts. Precision was paramount, as the translation needed to be succinct to synchronise with the video’s pacing and audio cues.

Execution: We curated a selection of versatile Russian voiceover artists capable of embodying multiple characters, facilitating the client’s choice for their long-term content strategy. Once the ideal talent was chosen, we proceeded with the voiceover recording sessions.

Quality Assurance: Our in-house team, alongside the selected voiceover artist, prepared diligently using the translated scripts to ensure the recordings were well-timed and of high quality. Our sound engineers’ expertise guaranteed the audio files matched the visual content seamlessly.

Outcome: The result was an array of educational videos with Russian voiceovers that met both our and the client’s high standards, enhancing the accessibility of financial education for Russian-speaking audiences.

Visualising Educational Engagement: The attached video demonstrates the quality of our work for, showcasing the successful localisation of their educational material for a global audience.

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