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Chinese Mandarin Voice Over

Global Animation Narration: Delivering Mandarin Chinese Voiceover

Client Profile: Our voiceover and audio-visual translation services were once again the chosen resources for an international client seeking to market their services and products to a worldwide audience. This animation video project required a multi-faceted linguistic approach, aligning with the client’s global communication strategy.

Project Overview: The assignment was to translate the original English voiceover and on-screen text into German, French, and Mandarin Chinese, followed by recording the voiceover in these languages. The Mandarin Chinese version of the video is available for viewing.

Our Approach: We initiated the project with our team of Chinese translators, who meticulously interpreted the script to ensure accuracy and cultural relevance. Next, we provided the client with a selection of Mandarin Chinese voiceover artists, each carefully vetted to match the project’s specific needs.

Execution: Upon the client’s voice talent selection, we arranged a recording session in our premier London studio. The client’s active involvement in directing the Mandarin Chinese voiceover session was instrumental in realising their creative vision.

Quality Assurance: The collaboration between the client, our sound engineers, and the voice talent led to an effective recording session, yielding high-quality audio that enhanced the animated visuals.

Outcome: The final audio-visual product was met with high praise from the client, effectively showcasing the product to Mandarin-speaking markets. The successful completion of this project has set the stage for future collaborations.

Client Satisfaction: The client’s satisfaction with our Mandarin Chinese voiceover service underpins our commitment to excellence and our anticipation for ongoing partnership opportunities.

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