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Global Home Renovation Narratives: A Multilingual Voiceover Project for Houzz

Client Profile: Houzz, the foremost online platform for home design and renovation, presents a myriad of ideas and inspirations for homeowners worldwide. Our collaboration involved translating and vocalising their brand message across multiple languages, including Danish, to amplify their global outreach.

Project Overview: This comprehensive project spanned from the initial script translation to the final delivery of voiceover recordings in Danish, Spanish, Swedish, and UK English. The video featuring the Danish voiceover can be viewed on this page.

Our Approach: Upon receiving the client’s materials, our translators began crafting scripts that would accurately echo the Houzz brand ethos. Simultaneously, our Project Coordinators embarked on a meticulous talent search for voiceover artists across the required languages who could match the company’s prestigious standing.

Execution: With the client’s selection of preferred voices for each language, we scheduled recording sessions in our high-quality London studio. Recognising the logistical challenges of in-person attendance, we provided the option for the client to remotely direct the sessions, ensuring their vision was seamlessly translated into each recording.

Quality Assurance: The remote direction allowed for real-time feedback and adjustments, assuring that the final product would align with the client’s expectations.

Outcome: The client was thoroughly pleased with the Danish voiceover work, which, alongside the other languages, played a pivotal role in reinforcing Houzz’s international market presence, connecting a vast community of design aficionados and professionals.

Experiencing the Voice of Home Design: The completed voiceover videos are a testament to our commitment to delivering quality multilingual content that resonates with a diverse audience, as showcased by the Danish version provided here.

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