Metropolis Studios and FileMaker

Metropolis Studios and FileMaker

Dutch Voice Over

Multilingual Video Localisation for FileMaker’s Global Campaign

Client Profile: FileMaker, a renowned software company, required localisation expertise for their latest marketing initiative. Collaborating with a London-based production company, we were selected to translate, adapt, and provide voiceovers for a series of instructional videos, enhancing their accessibility across multiple European markets.

Project Overview: The project encompassed localising eight English-language videos into French, Italian, German, European Spanish, and Dutch. Our contribution focused on the Dutch aspect, where we leveraged our Dutch voiceover services to produce the content available on this page.

Our Approach: Our project coordinators meticulously sourced custom voice samples from our pool of Dutch voiceover artists, as well as from French, Italian, German, and Spanish artists for the other language versions. These custom demos facilitated an informed selection process for the client.

Execution: We extended an invitation to the client to join us during the Dutch voiceover sessions at our studio, providing an opportunity for live feedback and direction. Dutch language directors were also enlisted to guarantee linguistic accuracy and facilitate any necessary adaptations.

Quality Assurance: Having the production company’s producers on-site was invaluable. It ensured swift decisions on script adjustments and precise timing and syncing with the video content.

Outcome: The project culminated in a series of polished localised videos for FileMaker, solidifying their satisfaction with our services. The success of this collaboration has already sparked the commencement of subsequent projects.

Client Approval: FileMaker’s approval of the finished product has been a source of pride and motivation for our team, and we are committed to maintaining this positive momentum in our ongoing collaborations.

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