Vileda Challenge

Vileda Challenge

English US Voice Over

Capturing the Competitive Spirit: An American Sports Commentator Voiceover for Vileda

Client Profile: Vileda, a household name in homecare products since 1948, embarked on a mission to create a viral campaign to showcase their latest innovations. Seeking to capture the American market, they called upon our US English voiceover expertise.

Project Overview: The vibrant and dynamic video, aimed at generating widespread attention, required a voiceover that could resonate with an American audience while emulating the excitement of a sports commentator.

Our Approach: We began with the linguistic task of translating the original Italian script into English. The goal was to infuse the energy and familiarity of an American sports commentator into the narrative, a style synonymous with captivating sports broadcasts in the US.

Execution: Our extensive pool of US English voiceover talent allowed us to present the client with a selection of voices apt for the sports commentator style they desired. The chosen voice artist then embarked on a recording session designed to emulate the fervour of a Super Bowl commentary.

Quality Assurance: The recording session was dynamic, yielding multiple takes with varying intensities to provide options for the client. Our sound engineer provided direction, ensuring the voiceover artist’s performance was aligned with the client’s vision.

Outcome: The resulting dialogue mix, fine-tuned by our sound engineer, was delivered for integration with the video. The client expressed great satisfaction with the final voiceover, which not only met but exceeded the campaign’s requirements.

Client Feedback: The success of the voiceover was affirmed by the client’s enthusiastic approval, anticipating an equally positive reception from the end client and campaign audience.

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