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Nutilis Clear

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Culinary Narratives Enriched: German Voiceover for Nutilis Clear Cooking Series

Client Profile: In partnership with a London-based production company, we took on the delightful task of infusing a series of Nutilis Clear cooking videos, featuring Chef Neil, with a German voiceover. Our expertise in selecting and directing voiceover talent was central to the project’s success.

Project Overview: The project involved sixteen instructional cooking videos that required the engaging and versatile delivery of German voiceover artists. The role demanded an ability to voice multiple characters, providing both narration and character dialogue.

Our Approach: Drawing from our extensive German voiceover talent pool, we presented the client with a variety of skilled male and female artists. After careful consideration, the client chose their preferred voices, and we proceeded with the recording over a two-day session.

Execution: Preparation was key; we translated and finetuned scripts, allowing the voiceover talents to familiarise themselves with the content ahead of the sessions. Despite the absence of our clients in the studio, our sound engineer and German language director ensured a seamless production process.

Quality Assurance: The challenge was to sync the German voiceover with the English-language video, including matching the timing of speech and adding authentic reactions to mirror the on-screen chef’s actions. This required precision and a touch of improvisation, resulting in a lively and realistic performance.

Outcome: The completed voiceover work not only met but exceeded expectations, with the client expressing a preference for the German version over the original—a commendable endorsement of our service and the talents involved.

Client Praise: The positive feedback from our clients affirmed the quality of our German voiceover services and the dedication of our voiceover artists, reinforcing our reputation for delivering exemplary multilingual content.

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