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Supporting Global Communication: A Vietnamese Voiceover for International Outreach

Client Profile: At GoLocalise, we embrace the chance to support a diverse array of causes through our language services. A recent project saw us providing Vietnamese voiceover services for a client committed to disseminating crucial information across Africa and Asia.

Project Overview: The initiative involved localising four videos for an international audience, which would be instrumental in addressing significant issues within rural communities. Our role encompassed translating English video scripts into Vietnamese and then executing the voiceover production.

Our Approach: We leveraged our global network of translators to ensure the Vietnamese translations were accurate and culturally resonant. Our search for the ideal voiceover talent was conducted with the utmost care, considering the project’s importance and reach.

Execution: With the scripts translated and the voiceover artist selected, we proceeded to the dubbing phase in our London studios. The client’s direct involvement in the recording session was invaluable, providing immediate direction and enhancing the workflow under tight deadlines.

Quality Assurance: Our experienced sound engineers, coupled with the client’s oversight, ensured that the voiceover work was completed efficiently and to a high standard, ready for distribution in the target regions.

Outcome: The finished voiceover met the client’s high expectations, contributing to a successful international campaign. Their satisfaction with our services has fostered an ongoing partnership.

Client Endorsement: The client’s continued reliance on our linguistic expertise underscores the quality and reliability of our Vietnamese voiceover services, as we remain committed to facilitating impactful global communication.

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