International Day of Yoga

International Day of Yoga

Arabic Voice Over

Mastering Localisation in a Yoga Documentary: An Arabic Voiceover Challenge

Client Profile: Challenging projects that test our capabilities are always welcome at our agency, and providing an Arabic voiceover for a yoga training documentary was a task that did just that. The project required not just a voiceover but a cultural translation, adapting the content for Arabic-speaking audiences.

Project Overview: The thirty-minute video featured a blend of accented English and Indian voices and involved the precise pronunciation of Indian Yogi names. The complexity of lip-syncing numerous phrases added another layer of difficulty to our task.

Our Approach: Our Arabic voiceover talent was chosen for their linguistic dexterity and cultural knowledge. We meticulously worked alongside them to ensure each term and name was articulated to reflect its original pronunciation while being accessible to the target audience.

Execution: The primary challenge lay in syncing the translated speech with the timing of the original English dialogue. Our talent’s expertise enabled us to align the Arabic voiceover with the video’s pace and the speakers’ lip movements, maintaining the documentary’s authenticity.

Quality Assurance: A deep understanding of the script, bolstered by our extensive experience in providing Arabic voiceover services, ensured a polished final product that met both our standards and the client’s expectations.

Outcome: The end result was an Arabic voiceover that not only matched the original in timing but also captured the essence of the documentary style. The client’s satisfaction was reflected in their commendation of our agency as one of the finest they had engaged with in London for Arabic voiceover services.

Client Acclaim: The client’s glowing review serves as a testament to our dedication to delivering high-quality voiceover work that resonates with both the content’s intent and the needs of a diverse audience.

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