Belbin Collaboration

Belbin Collaboration

Spanish EU Voice Over

Tailored Multilingual Voiceover for Belbin’s Global Campaign

Client Profile: Belbin, a renowned name in team role theory and assessment, has become a familiar collaborator through a series of advertising and instructional videos. Our alliance with a trusted London-based production company has solidified this relationship, allowing us to understand and deliver on Belbin’s distinct voiceover needs.

Project Overview: The project’s ambition was to globalise an American English voiceover by translating and recording it in multiple languages, including Chinese, British English, French, Swedish, and European Spanish, the latter of which is showcased in the video on this page.

Our Approach: Familiarity with Belbin’s brand allowed us to infuse a personalised touch into our service. We carefully matched voiceover talents from our European Spanish voiceover roster to the project’s playful script and leisurely pace, ensuring the tone was both engaging and informative.

Execution: The selected European Spanish voiceover artist brought the script to life, maintaining a light-hearted yet educational tone to captivate viewers. Our well-honed production process, refined through years of collaboration, ensured efficiency without compromising quality.

Quality Assurance: Our deep understanding of the client’s preferences streamlined the production, allowing us to deliver content that met both the brief’s requirements and our commitment to excellence.

Outcome: The resulting voiceover was both polished and entertaining, aligning perfectly with the video’s animation and enhancing the overall viewer experience. The client’s satisfaction with the final product has continued to foster our ongoing partnership.

Continuing Collaboration: Our successful delivery on this project has reinforced our role as a trusted provider for Belbin’s multilingual voiceover needs, paving the way for future joint ventures.

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