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AXA – Redefining Standards

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Multilingual Mastery for Instructional Videos: A Flemish Voiceover Journey

Client Profile: Our client, known for projects teeming with new challenges and enjoyable experiences, reached out for a multilingual voiceover task. They entrusted us with the translation and vocal adaptation of 14 instructional videos into several languages, including Japanese, German, Spanish, and Flemish.

Project Overview: The project required a dynamic Flemish voiceover to complement the instructional content of the videos. We tapped into our pool of Flemish voiceover talent, offering the client a choice of the finest male and female voices to bring their project to life.

Our Approach: Understanding the client’s need for the Flemish voiceover to align with the existing English guide voice, we meticulously planned the recording sessions. Despite the rapid pace of the guide, we were committed to delivering a synchronised and natural-sounding voiceover.

Execution: Our sound engineer utilised a variety of techniques to set an appropriate recording pace, allowing the voiceover to flow seamlessly with the visual content. The chosen voiceover artist, well-equipped with hydration and remedies for vocal endurance, tackled the demanding session with professionalism.

Quality Assurance: The translations were rigorously checked to ensure accuracy, while the recording process was adjusted in real-time to maintain the natural rhythm of the Flemish language.

Outcome: The completion of the 14 videos was met with satisfaction from the client, marking another successful project delivery. The Flemish voiceover not only met the sync requirements but also maintained the instructional clarity needed.

Reflecting on a Job Well Done: This Flemish voiceover project stands as a testament to our ability to handle complex, multilingual challenges with skill and finesse, resulting in content that resonates well with its intended audience.

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