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Laura Ashley Service Design

French European Voice Over

Elegant French Voiceover for Laura Ashley’s Promotional Showcase

Client Profile: Laura Ashley, an iconic brand synonymous with quality women’s fashion and quintessentially English home furnishings, engaged us to provide a French voiceover for a series of promotional videos. This venture was set to reflect the brand’s elegance and premium positioning in the market.

Project Overview: The project entailed crafting French voiceovers for 24 distinct videos, each showcasing Laura Ashley’s diverse range of products and services. Recognising the brand’s distinguished reputation, we knew the voiceover required a touch of finesse to parallel the brand’s essence.

Our Approach: With a plethora of skilled French voiceover artists at our disposal, we cast three distinct voices to bring diversity and richness to the video series. The client’s vision was our directive, guiding our selection process.

Execution: The key challenge was the ambitious recording schedule, necessitating the completion of voiceovers for all videos within a single day. Our sound engineer, along with a dedicated language director, directed the voiceover artists with precision, ensuring that each recording was both efficient and of the highest quality.

Quality Assurance: Adjustments to the script were made in real-time by the language director to ensure a seamless and natural French voiceover that accurately conveyed the brand’s message.

Outcome: Following an intensive day of recording, our sound engineers delivered perfectly timed audio files ready for integration by the client’s video editors. The final product was a suite of videos that exuded the sophistication and quality characteristic of the Laura Ashley brand.

Showcasing Brand Sophistication: The completed promotional videos now resonate with French-speaking audiences, extending Laura Ashley’s reach while maintaining the brand’s celebrated identity.

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