Voice Over Artist Q&A Series | Merce (Spanish)

Voice Over Artist Q&A Series | Merce (Spanish)

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For today’s blog post, Merce is giving us an insight into her life as a Spanish voice over artist. She tells us a bit about her experience voicing various types of projects, including some very exciting ones, such as voicing children’s tales! Once again, we get the chance to hear some useful tips and to understand a little bit more about what the daily life of a VO artist looks like.

Check the video below to see her answers, and feel free to listen to her voice sample HERE! We have added subtitles, and the transcript is also available following the video.

Watch the Q & A session with our voice over talent, Merce.


– How would you describe your daily life as a voice over artist?

The life of a VO artist is hugely varied. And that variety comes with the specific project that you’re working on at a given time. A lot of the time it’s all about preparation. Many hours of preparation, of talking to the client, and working on the material. And then, depending on the project, it can mean many hours in the recording booth. But it depends on the project. So every week is different.

– What has been your most exciting project so far?

The most interesting project I’ve worked on recently was voicing a robot. The Da Vinci robot, which performs surgical operations. So I felt a lot of responsibility over that project.

– What do you love the most about your job as a voice over artist?

The thing I love about my work is the variety. With that variety comes a lot of learning opportunities because I’m learning about things I would have never imagined. From the workings of an operating theatre to stories and novels; children’s tales that use wonderful language. So it gives me access to a sort of window to very different worlds and realities. So I love that.

– What tips would you give a client who is working with you for the first time in order for the sessions to run smoothly?

My advice or request when working with me or any VO artist would be for there to be good communication. The more information there is, the more we know and understand about the message being conveyed and how it should be conveyed, then we can prepare much better for the job and really provide what’s wanted from that voice.

Thank you.

FUN FACT! Did you know that for the commercial of the Game Boy Color version of Mario Golf, the Spanish and English voices of Mario were dubbed by the same VO artist: Charles Martinet.

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