What is a Voice-over? Types and Examples

What is a Voice-over? Types and Examples

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Voice Over female artist working at Golocalise red studio.

Videos are taking up a lot more of the time and attention of users online. This makes it important for businesses and brands to create highly engaging videos that drive results around the world. For this the voice-over is key.

Here, we’ll discuss the different types of examples of video narration as it relates to corporate marketing.  

Importance of Voice-Over Today

Voiceover in films is already quite popular because of the increasing popularity of streaming services, but it is equally important for businesses today. For marketing and corporate audiovisuals to reach a wider audience, it is important for them to be localised (read this if you want to try to voice over a video yourself).

So, what is a voice-over? It is a type of production technique where the voice is recorded with the purpose of providing information or narrating a story.

The main characteristic of this technique is that the voice is added to the existing narrative. It is often read by an actor from a script.

A strong video narration has the capability of impacting the overall experience of viewers and altering the tone of the video.

Types of Voice-over Recordings

To understand what a voice-over narration is, it is important to understand that this is a very diverse field. This expansive industry includes a lot more than just documentary narration or character voice work.

Here are the top few styles to explore:

Dubbing and Lip Sync

Lip syncing is one of the most popular dubbing techniques where the voice of the original actor on screen is replaced by those of a different performer. Lip syncing needs to be fluid and is more involved because the resulting video needs to feel very natural.

Dubbing voice-over is mainly used for factual programs for off-screen narration and over sound. This technique is less expensive because it does not require the same precision and involved process as lip syncing.  

This is a great dubbing example that shows how quality dubbing can make a foreign-language video more accessible to other audiences.

Corporate Video and Presentations

The corporate world deals with a large volume of video materials such as training materials, presentations, and human resources videos.

So, what is a voice-over presentation? This technique is used to make corporate presentations and videos more widely available to users speaking different languages.

Generally speaking, these projects require voice artists to maintain a professional tone and discuss subjects like job opportunities and workplace behaviour.

This Blackberry worldwide project highlights that when the narration is done correctly, the finished product can be extremely polished and high-quality.

Promo Videos

Promotional videos for corporates and brands can be localised in any language and made accessible to viewers in different countries. This is crucial for companies selling their products and services in the global market.

Promotional videos like this one can deliver your brand messaging and promotional content to viewers around the world.

E-Learning Videos

Universities and educational institutions around the world are increasingly turning towards the e-learning model. With this shift comes an increasing need for professionally created educational videos that deliver informational content to viewers in their own language.

E-learning videos and courses that are professionally created with the help of talented voice actors can make the material more engaging for viewers. This digital marketing video showcases how e-learning can be made interesting and engaging.

Educational Videos

Other than universities, schools, and educational institutions, educational and explainer videos by corporates, non-profits, and other organizations can also benefit from professional voice-over services. Any video that delivers educational information can be localised and made available to viewers in any language.

This educational anti-malaria video is a prime example of how to increase the potential reach of videos to wider markets.

On-Hold Messages/IVR

When callers call a company for support services, complaints, or questions, the first thing they hear is the IVR message. On-hold or IVR messages set the tone and improve engagement with the company, so it is important that your message sounds professional.

Professional voiceovers that are tailored to suit the specific needs and tone of your brand will enhance the customer’s experience.

A polished, professional IVR message like the demo in this video is a great example of the potential of high-quality voice narration.  

Character and Video Games

Video games are a growing industry with countless genres that require creative voice narration. The character’s voice and tone in video games and the way they interact is a crucial part of any game, setting the tone and making the experience more immersive.

Characters make a video game memorable, and a character’s voice is an important part of the personality of any character.

How to Produce a Voice-Over

So, what is a voice-over job and what does it involve?

This is a complex, highly involved process that requires different professionals such as voice actors, translators, sound engineers, and more. Additionally, the project will also require advanced infrastructures such as state-of-the-art studios and equipment.

The easiest and most efficient way to produce a project of such complexity is by hiring a voice-over agency. Professional agencies have the resources and experience required to successfully complete voice-over projects.

When you choose to hire an agency providing professional audio-video translation services, your finished project will be polished and high-quality.

Where to Hire Professional Voice-Over Actors

Voice actors and narrators are talented professionals that can make or break your project. Hiring voice professionals in this industry can be challenging because the voice and tone of the actor need to match the scope and the unique needs of the project.

What is dubbing. Voice-over and dubbing artist at work at Golocalise Studio premises.

GoLocalise has a huge network of talent and artists in more than 90 languages. Additionally, it also has access to language directors that ensure the correct pronunciation, intonation, and delivery of the script.

When you hire GoLocalise for your project, you don’t have to worry about finding or hiring voice actors.  

Where to Find Professional Voice-over Agencies in the UK?

GoLocalise is UK’s leading voice-over agency with the capability of producing high-quality, professional voice-overs. It has two professional studios with advanced technology and equipment.

GoLocalise is experienced in providing voiceovers in a number of languages, as can be seen in these demos:

French corporate narration voice over

Listen to more French voices demos

Italian commercial ads voice over demos

Listen to more Italian voice-over demos and our English to Italian Translation and Voice Over Guide)

Latinoamerican Spanish corporate video narration

Listen to more Spanish voices demo reels

German commercial voice reel

Listen to more German voice-over examples

Portuguese E-learning voice-over example

Listen to more Portuguese voice demos. Do you know which other countries than Portugal and Brazil speak Portuguese?)

It all starts with a Voice Demo

If you are a voice artist and are interested in finding voice-over projects, it is important to have a professional voice-over reel or demo. Every artist needs a professionally recorded demo to showcase their capabilities to potential clients.

Get in touch with GoLocalise to get your own voice reel. As a leading voice over agency in the industry, GoLocalise has studio facilities you need to create a professional reel that can help you take your career to the next level.

These Voice Over Rates and how much voice actors make guides are helpful!

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