Beginners Voice-Over Jobs: How to Get Started

Beginners Voice-Over Jobs: How to Get Started

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The Scope of Voice-Over Jobs for Beginners. Sound engineer and voice over actor in a recording session. Pexels license:

When starting out in the industry, it can be tough to find beginners voice-over jobs at first. A voice-over actor or artist is an auditory performer who uses their voice to represent various characters, provide narration or convey information about a product or service to an audience. Unlike actors who appear on screen, voice-over artists get their voice working for them.

There are several beginners voice-over jobs, including commercials, video games, animated movies, audiobooks, foreign-language films, and more.

Therefore, in today’s day and age, getting a voice-over job isn’t too difficult as there is immense scope for audio in everything – books, movies, ads, you name it!

However, given the amount of competition, beginners might find it hard to enter the industry. So, in this guide, you’ll find all you need to know about how to get into voice-over work as a beginner.    

What Qualifications and Skills You Need to Become a Voice-Over Artist

Voice-over artists come from all sorts of educational and career backgrounds. So you don’t need a formal degree or specialization to find beginners voice-over jobs. Whether you’re a fresh graduate or are looking to switch careers, you can land a voice-over job!

However, a degree in acting can hone some of the skills you need to become a voice-over artist. Alternatively, you can take up voice or acting lessons to give you a leg up over the hundreds of beginners who want to enter the voice-over industry.

The Importance of Skills for Beginners Voice-Over Jobs

While there is no set qualification for this career path, you need skills. Yes, that’s plural.

Most people make the rookie mistake of underestimating voice-over work, thinking you’re working behind the screen, so not much talent or hard work is required. But that’s far from reality!

Talent and skills become even more crucial when searching for beginners voice-over jobs. You have nothing but your voice to engage the audience. For example, casting directors take several auditions a day. So, if you want to enter the industry, you’d better start working on your voice to get a gig.

Here is a list of the most important skills you need if you’re wondering how to get a voice-acting job.

1.     Proper Diction

The way you read a text can undermine or assert its meaning. That could be the difference between a lay person and a successful voice-over artist.

Therefore, to get beginners voice-over jobs, you must ensure proper diction, which is the art of speaking. Voice-over artists need to convey the message to the audience clearly.

They must adapt according to the type of voice-over work, the audience, and the producer’s demands. Diction includes a person’s natural instinct; which word or phrase to stress to amplify the message?

Tip: Recording, warming-up, and practicing regularly will improve your diction.

2.     Emotional Range

While there is no direct comparison, some people believe getting beginners voice-over jobs is harder than acting. You don’t have your facial expressions or body language to rely on, so you must channel all your emotions into your voice.

Commercials add voice-over to connect with the audience. Audiobooks need a range of emotions to bring the text to life. Similarly, all other voice-over gigs require the voice-over artist to display varying emotions, whether it’s sadness, empathy, happiness, or other.

So, a monotone isn’t going to cut it. You must have an expressive voice to ‘act out’ the message through your audio.

Tip: Practice scripts with different sentiments to expand your emotional range.

3.     Confidence

If you’re wondering how to get voice-over work, remember this! Confidence is the most important thing you can bring to your voice-over audition.

While voice-over artists work behind the screen, they have immense responsibility. A lot of time, money, and effort goes into creating the perfect script. So now it’s up to the voice-over artist to honor the intention of the writer and do justice to the text.

For example, many beginner voice-over artists buckle under pressure and end up mispronouncing words or enunciating the wrong phrases, which changes the entire meaning of the text.

Tip: Practice the script before, and then stay calm and cool.

4.     Fluency

Fluency in reading is often a natural talent. But luckily, you can improve it with practice! Reading fluently lets you focus on improvising and supporting the script.

This becomes even more important in foreign language voice-over recordings, where the audience relies on auditory narration to help them understand what’s happening.

Always practice the script to ensure no words or tongue slips hamper fluency during an audition or recording.

Tip: Read books and scripts in front of the mirror to improve fluency.

What are Different Types of Beginners Voice-Over Jobs?

With so much scope for beginners voice-over jobs, a voice-over artist can take on different voice work. So, no matter your skill set, you’ll find a gig to match your talent.

1.    Ads

Commercial voice-overs have become ever more popular. Therefore you can earn big if you become a voice-over artist for commercials where you get to work with several brands.

2.    Animation

However, if you feel your voice has more of a creative edge, you can offer voice-over for animated movies, TV shows, cartoons, and videos.

3.    Audiobooks

Furthermore, audiobooks have risen to fame, which opens up avenues for voice-over artists. While some authors read their own books, most rely on professional voice-over. This genre is a great place to start finding beginners voice-over jobs.

4.    Educational Videos

E-learning videos feature voice-over for educational purposes. You can lend your voice to these videos as well as YouTube videos. So, these jobs usually allow for beginners voice-over jobs from home.

5.    Dubbing

The increase in globalization has paved the way for dubbing voice-overs. However, you would need to be a fluent speaker to record the text in a different language.

6.    Video Games

Given how huge the video game industry is, voice-over artists can look towards this option. However, given the action-packed parts in most video games, you would need to be highly trained for this type of work.

7.    Podcasts

The digital age has made podcasts wildly popular. The author or a professional voice-over artist speaks on certain topics to engage the target audience.

The Future for Voice-Over Artists and Beginners Voice-Over Jobs

The post-covid era has changed the business landscape. Most people are moving to hybrid work styles due to the versatility and comfort it provides. What’s more? Businesses can save on overhead costs!

The voice-over industry continues to grow, with a rise in remote productions and voice-over jobs from home. Even beginners voice-over jobs can be found online on popular work platforms. So, email casting directors and attend networking events.

The global voice-over market is expected to rise between 2013 and 2029, so there’s huge scope for anyone looking to take this up as a career.

Some people express concern over AI voices and their effect on the voice-over industry. While AI is cheaper, it can never come close to putting voice-over actors out of business.

Therefore, there will always be a demand for voice-over artists for big projects that require the emotional range and human element that a person can add to a voice-over project. The silver lining is that voice-over artists can look forward to more significant work that AI voices cannot cover.

Make a Reputable Voice-Over Demo Reel for Beginners Voice-Over Jobs

Go further in your voice-over career To succeed, you need a professional voice reel, and the best way to get one is with the right direction and oversight from knowledgeable experts.

Golocalise will make your recording sessions  much simpler and assist in generating excitement among potential customers by demonstrating to them that you are organized, serious, and technically proficient about your work. We also provide helpful sample voice-over scripts for you!

Before creating a demo that demonstrates your talent and gets you work quickly, the experienced team at GoLocalise will assist you in getting some voice-over practice to set you up for your beginners voice-over jobs.


Voice-over artists have more opportunities than they did a decade ago. The advent of a digital era has given rise to E-learning, podcasts, and audiobooks, all requiring voice-over. So, voice-over artists can enjoy the versatility of remote work and a wealth of creative work to choose from.

If you’re a beginner, you can opt for freelance voice-over jobs or work with a reputable voice-over agency that can give you access to a broader range of well-paying work.

This guide about how much voice actors make will be helpful.

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