Voice-Over Sample Scripts for Demos

Voice-Over Sample Scripts for Demos

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Voice-Over Sample Scripts for Demos. Computer Screen with a Script document opened. Picture by Super Snapper at Unsplash. Unsplash License.

Why do you need a Voice-Over sample script for your demos? 

A voice-over demo is a quick snapshot of your voice talent, and it is one of the critical elements in your voice-over marketing strategy. Otherwise, how else will a potential client know what you sound like?

Creating sample scripts for your demos doesn’t have to be complicated, and in this guide, you will find all the help you need to jump-start your career and get your voice reel done!

There are four main steps to creating a professional voice-over demo:

  1. Pre-production – Includes everything from practicing your sample scripts to deciding the types of reads you excel.
  2. Production – Only the best-skilled professionals can coach you through the voice-over recording session, capturing the essence of who you are and pulling out the best reads to strategically showcase all your capabilities.
  3. Post-production – The best way to guarantee professional results is with the support of a reputable, experienced voice-over demo producer.
  4. Distribution – Don’t post your demo in Facebook groups or forums. They may be your peers, but most cannot hire you. You need to get your demo in front of people who can hire you.

Free Sample Voice-Over Scripts for Audition

The quality of your voice-over demo is vital when competing against professionals in voice-over auditions. This is no place for an amateur home-recorded demo. Your voice needs to stand out and be noticed by producers, agents and casting directors.

These are some sample scripts from experienced GoLocalise clients, published here to help you practice your demo. 

Sample Commercial Script

The objective of the commercial voice-over script sample is to sell a product. You must convince potential clients that your product is the right choice.

Sample e-Learning Voice Over Scripts

To work on e-Learning voice-overs, you must understand the target demographic to find the right energy to approach the script. The actor must match his sound to that of the topic being taught.

Corporate Sample Voice-over Scripts

The corporation script is more discrete and distinguished, demonstrating pacing and intensity, usually with lower tones of your voice. 

Audiobook Sample Voice-over Scripts

When voicing audiobooks, you want your audience to be excited and hooked into the storyline. It is much closer to acting

Documentary Sample Voice-over Scripts

When practicing a documentary sample voice-over script, you must be convincing to keep the listener intrigued. It is usually done at a slow captivating pace.

IVR (On-Hold Messages) Sample Voice-Over Script

This IVR greeting or message is the first thing your client’s customer hears when they call their business. You will be representing your client’s voice

Voice Over Scripts Sample for TV Continuity

TV Continuity announcers provide mainly information to the audience about future programs and schedule changes. Depending on the subject, it may be done in a very exciting tone or an engaging bass voice.

Voice Over Sample Scripts for Charity

Nonprofit organizations rely on advertisements to secure more donations and keep funding their most important causes. The best way to achieve that is by using an inspiring and involving tone.

Where to find more Voice-Over Demo Samples?

An amazing demo is the key to booking voice-over work. They must get an insight into your unique vocal character. Practice as much as you can so you can find your individual style.

It’s always good to strive for variety in a voice-over reel, so pick different styles. You can also try doing a few recordings with another actor to give your demo reel an extra edge.

At Voice Actor Websites, you can find thousands of voice-over practice scripts, including Commercial, Narration, IVR, PSAs, TV Station Imaging and more. The public domain scripts are provided as a free resource for voice-over talent.

Create Impactful Demos

Create impactful demos with GoLocalise’s voice-over sample scripts.

Create a Professional Voice-Over Demo Reel

Take your voice-over career to the next level. A professional voice reel is essential to prosper, and the best way to achieve that is with proper guidance and supervision by qualified professionals. 

At Golocalise they will make your recording sessions much easier and help get potential clients excited by showing them that you’re prepared, serious, and technical about your work.GoLocalise experienced team of experts will help you prepare previously with some voice-over training before creating a demo that showcases your talent and gets you work in no time!

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