How to lip sync? TV shows, marketing, ads productions

How to lip sync? TV shows, marketing, ads productions

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Voice over actors at Golocalise Recording studios dubbing a production - Photo from Golocalise, English Voice-Over Agency.

Lip-sync is currently the ultimate tool used in all audiovisual productions and it is becoming extremely popular thanks to today’s wide spread of short videos in all social media, such as TikTok and Instagram.

If you want to fully embrace these new skills and, most of all, are willing to assume this new challenge, you will find only here the best tips to start lip-syncing like a pro.

What is lip-sync in audio and video production?

First off, just to be clear, lip sync stands for lip synchronization. In technical terms, it is the act of matching the lip movements of a person speaking or singing to a pre-recorded audio.

Lip-sync is used in hundreds of films every year, when they are dubbed into dozens of international languages.

It is a crucial element in creating realistic and believable dialogue in commercials, television shows, music videos, and all other forms of media such as advertisements, games, and social media.

The voice you hear must match perfectly the attitude, speed, and personality of the original character, to visually synchronize them together in perfect harmony.

The sound you hear must connect in a natural way to the image of the lip movements from the character’s mouth. 

Difference between voice dubbing and lip synchronization

Dubbing is the process of replacing the original vocal audio with a new one. In most cases, they are Video Translation Services.

The dubbing process is more focused on the timing of the silences between words when they start and end, and voice actors must be excellent professionals that are rare to find. It is a very complex job. 

On the other hand, lip-sync is more like a fine-tuning of that process. It is more accurate than the original mouth movement, where each sound and syllable you hear must be perfectly synchronized with the character´s mouth seen in the video. 

This is an even more complex job that requires a perfect connection with a great range of expressions from the actor’s emotions, such as laughter, screams, crying and different tones of voice. 

Get The Perfect Lip Sync

Perfect your lip-syncing with GoLocalise’s professional voice-over services.

How to lip sync on TikTok and Instagram

In the beginning, lip-syncing started out as a necessity. It is an international market and they must dub foreign-language films and vice-versa. It was also necessary to make animated characters speak

But now TikTok took it to a whole new level and it has spread all over the world. It is like magic happening right in front of our eyes.

There is no doubt that lip-sync is one of the most popular types of posts you can find on social media

First of all, lip-syncing is a lot more than just singing. You can do comedy routines, inspirational videos, heart-warming scenes, political, funny sketches, and many other kinds of pieces.

You just have to find out what makes you “Tik” and create your own personal style. Be unique!

How can you start?

  1. Look around in the streets and in all different types of social media and find what makes you happy.
  2. Discover your true inspiration and passion.
  3. Create your own personal style.
  4. Experiment with different wardrobes and find the one that really matches your personality.
  5. Start recording like there is no tomorrow and try new materials.
  6. Get some feedback from your friends and work on it.

When you get the hang of it, look for a Voice Over Agency that can professionally help you make all your dreams come true.

Tips to lip-sync like a pro

Man doing lip sync like in a professional recording studio. Foto de Foto de Amin Asbaghipour in Unsplash,

During our research, several experts told us that lip-syncing is a highly complex and challenging process at a professional level.

The industry secret involves figuring out the perfect timings of the speech and finding out how to synchronize naturally your lips and mouth to match perfectly the audio track. Trying to voice-over a video yourself requires a great deal of skill and precision.

The time needed to achieve that can be easily reduced in half if assisted by the right professionals. But first, you must believe in yourself and invest some time and effort to make it in the big leagues.

How to lip-sync in a professional video

In audiovisual productions, a good lip-sync provides professionalism and credibility to you and your video. If you really want to play with the pros, there are no shortcuts, it is a must to work with state-of-the-art Voice Recording Studios.

With the advancement of editing technology, lip-sync has become much easier to achieve acceptable results. But you have to start somewhere and, even though you probably want to skip this tedious beginning of the process, it is of utmost importance to find your unique personal style.

Your image has a great impact on your performance. Here are some steps required to find your unique character:

  • Embrace this idea of exploring this new side of you and get excited about it
  • Find out how you want to show yourself to the world
  • Acknowledge what works and what doesn´t in your wardrobe
  • Consider carefully keeping pieces that you already own and get rid of what doesn’t align with your new style
  • Identify your inspiration with great accuracy
  • Build a visual style guide for each recording

In this digital age, audio and video can be easily edited and synchronized using basic apps, but if you want to start at the top, there are qualified companies with the right professionals and infrastructure that can easily take you there, such as GoLocalise, that has its own studios and is recognized as the leading voice-over agency in London

They can offer you actors, professional translators, and a state-of-the-art studio and, most importantly, they have a huge network of voice dubbing and lip-sync talents in more than 90 languages.

They have literally revolutionized the way lip-sync is done, making it possible for even inexperienced young people to achieve professional-level results. 

Now that you have all the info you need, it is up to you to push yourself and become this great social media star!

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