How to Voice-Over a Video: Do It Yourself & Hire a Pro

How to Voice-Over a Video: Do It Yourself & Hire a Pro

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Young woman voice overing a video with an app at home - Photo from Soundtrap in Unsplash

Whether you are creating presentations, explainer videos, training videos, or social media videos, adding a voiceover will improve engagement and accessibility.

Recording your voice and sharing it with others can feel complicated and uncomfortable, but it doesn’t have to be. Fortunately, there are many apps and platforms available today to show you how to voice-over a video in an easy, straightforward way (here you can read types and examples of voice overs).

Most of these apps will help you create a quality video. If you are a brand or corporate that needs professional, polished videos, hiring a specialized localising agency is the most efficient and fastest way to go about it.

How to Make a Voice-Over Video Like a Pro

With so many video-making apps and quality microphones available, the process is easier than ever. These best practices will help you record like a pro:

Write a Script

Having a solid script on hand will vastly improve the quality of your finished video. Create a detailed script and make tweaks during recording if needed. Practice beforehand so you’ll be able to read naturally.

Use the right Microphone

Person recording a voice-over at home with a quality microphone. Picture from Sebastian Pandelache in Unsplash

You will need the right equipment to create a clear, clean sound. An external microphone is quite affordable and when coupled with a noise-reduction device, the audio will be very clear. If you don’t want to invest in a noise-reduction device, an easy hack is to wrap the microphone in a couple of socks.  

Record in a Quiet Space

Choose a room that is quiet and small to record your audio. Larger rooms can produce an echo, so you’ll need to record in a room that helps you avoid it if you don’t have a professional noise filter device.

Speak Naturally

If you are wondering how to record a voiceover for a video that sounds professional, the key is to speak naturally.

Start with a script that sounds conversational and imagine that you are talking to a person face-to-face. Making facial expressions while recording can help you sound more natural.

Choose an Audio Recording Software

The voice recording apps in smartphones do not have the audio editing and sound monitoring capabilities you’ll need for a voice-over. Choose a professional voice recorder like Audiate or Audacity. There are also many free versions available with equally good results.

Monitor Audio Levels

When adding your voice-over, keep the sound levels close to -10 or -20 decibels. Move the microphone away or close to your mouth to keep the audio levels consistent.

Edit and Export

Edit any mistakes and clean up the recording and ensure everything is in line. It is recommended that you keep the recording at the beginning and end of the audio to allow a little wiggle room in editing. Once done, export the file.

Sync the Audio with the Video

Once you have uploaded the audio file, you’ll have to sync it up with the video. If you have ever wondered how to put voice-over a video, this is the stage where the magic happens.

You’ll have to trim the video and make changes in the editing software if the audio does not match the scenes in the video. Syncing can be frustrating and time-consuming, especially if you are doing it for the first time.

Review the Video

The last step of the process is to review the video to ensure that everything looks and sounds good. Once you review the video, it is ready to be shared.

Voice-Over Apps for iPhone or Android

If you are serious about learning how to create a voice-over video, there are many incredible apps available for iPhone and Android smartphones. Whether you want to use these apps for creating explainer videos or social media videos, they can simplify the process for you.

This “How to Lip Sync” article is also an excellent resource for dubbing high-quality TikTok videos (¿do you know what dubbing is?).

Here’s a list of the top apps to consider for your next project:

Dolby On

This simple but powerful tool helps you record audio and edit them. It records high-quality, clear audio in an easy-to-use manner. The app is particularly useful for musicians, streamers, video makers, and podcasters.


VoiceOver is a simple app to record voiceovers as well as layer them on images and videos. This fully intuitive app is easy to use even for beginners and allows simple editing and can record HQ audio.


If you are looking for an app that can turn your smartphone into a recording studio, Voloco is a great choice. This app is great for content creators, podcasters, and singers who want clear sound. The app can record audio, demos, tracks, and any other type of audio files you need without the need for additional software.

Smart Recorder

Smart Recorder is a recording tool that allows you to record, modify, and transcribe audio. It has an editing mode to achieve high-quality audio easily and intuitively. Audio time is not limited so you’ll be able to record memos, podcasts, and lectures.

Hire a Professional Voice-Over Service

If you have already tried your hand at one of these apps and are wondering how to voice-over a video that sounds professional and seamless, you might want to consider hiring a professional agency.

Regardless of how much you try, the quality of a professional voice-over cannot be matched. The advanced equipment and state-of-the-art recording studios that these agencies have access to guarantee a high-quality final video.  

Professional audio-video translation services become even more crucial if your video needs to be localised to another language. GoLocalise is a leading voice-over agency in the UK with a wide network of talented artists, high-end equipment, and modern recording studios that helps you to hire voice over.

Whether you need voice-over services for radio shows, TV shows, ads, e-learning courses, corporate videos, or business presentations, hiring a professional voice-over agency like GoLocalise can make the entire process easier and more efficient for you.

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