British voice-over accents and the top 6 sexiest accents in the world

British voice-over accents and the top 6 sexiest accents in the world

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A picture illustrating a man recording a text from his phone. This picture is used for the blog British voice-over accents and the top 5 sexiest accents in the world. Image found from Unsplash.

A British voice-over is always highly desirable within the industry but what accents do we use for them? What are the sexiest accents in the world?

The sound of someone’s voice, the way they speak and the accent they have can be incredibly attractive. In fact, research has shown that people with certain accents are more likely to be considered desirable.


The French accent is often considered one of the most romantic and sexiest in the world. The smooth and sophisticated way of speaking is music to many people’s ears. Especially when it comes to the French language, which is widely considered one of the most beautiful languages in the world.


The Spanish accent is always on lists of the sexiest accents in the world. From the rolling Rs to the sultry tone, the Spanish accent is full of seduction and passion. Whether it’s the way Spanish people talk about food, love or life. The Spanish do it with an added sense of drama that makes everything they say more interesting. This means that on occasion a Spanish accented English voice over might be a better choice for a voice over project than a British voice-over.


The Australian accent is often thought to be one of the sexiest in the world (check out this post about Australian Slang). With its laid-back and relaxed tone, the Australian accent is incredibly attractive to many people. Whether the Australians are talking about their travels, their love for the beach or their appreciation for good food and drink. They always do it with an infectious smile.


The Irish accent is often thought of as one of the most charming and attractive in the world. With its soft and lilting tone, the Irish accent has a musical quality that is really sexy. When Irish people express their love of storytelling or their appreciation for a good pint of Guinness. They always seem to do it with a twinkle in their eye.


The Italian accent is often considered sexy due to its melodic and expressive nature. The Italian language is known for its musicality and the accent amplifies this quality. Italian accents feature elongated vowels, rhythmic intonation, and a certain melody that can make even the most mundane words sound like poetry. The accent is also associated with Italy’s rich cultural heritage and artistic contributions. Italian culture is renowned for its romanticism, and the Italian accent has come to embody this quality. It’s often portrayed in movies and other media as the accent of passionate lovers and seductive romantics, adding to its allure. Furthermore, the Italian accent is known for its warmth and friendliness. The accent conveys a sense of welcoming and charm that can be particularly attractive to those who encounter it.

Why is the British accent attractive?

The British accent is considered one of the sexiest in the world. British voice-over is often used for adverts due to the accent having a touch of elegance that is hard to resist. From the posh accent and proper tones of received pronunciation which are typically the ones chosen for British voice-over. Or the charming and roguish brogue of the accents from the north. The British accent is full of character and charm.

What is the UK’s favourite accent?

The United Kingdom is a country renowned for its diverse culture and rich history, and this is reflected in its many different British accents. However, when it comes to determining the nation’s favourite accent, opinions can be divided. Some might argue that the Received Pronunciation (RP) accent, commonly known as the “Queen’s English”, is the most popular. While others might suggest that regional accents, such as the Cockney accent or Scottish accent are the favourite.

Received Pronunciation, which is often associated with being the quintessential British accent. It is often seen as prestigious and is frequently used in broadcasting, public speaking and is often used for British voiceover work. However, despite its prestige, some people might find it stuffy and unapproachable, leading them to favour more down-to-earth regional accents instead.

On the other hand, regional accents can evoke a sense of pride in local communities, and often carry with them cultural and historical significance. Therefore these accents are often chosen for British voice-over work. For example, the Cockney accent, originating from East London, is steeped in working-class history and has been immortalised in popular culture through films such as “Oliver!” and “My Fair Lady”.

Similarly, the Scottish accent is often seen as charming and charismatic, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of Scotland. It is therefore difficult to determine a clear favourite accent in the UK. As people’s preferences can depend on various factors such as regional loyalty, cultural heritage and personal taste. Some people might prefer the crisp and clear RP accent, while others might find it too formal and prefer the energy and character of some regional accents.

Listen to Louise, one experienced British English Voice-Over artist.


In conclusion, the sexiest accents in the world are subjective and can vary from person to person. But whether it’s the French accent, Spanish accent, Australian accent, Italian accent, Irish accent, or UK English voice-over accent, there’s no denying that the way someone speaks can have a huge impact on their overall appeal.

So, the next time you hear a voice that gives you goosebumps (maybe a British Voice-Over), take a moment to appreciate the beauty of the accent and the person speaking it.

FUN FACT! Did you know that in the UK there are 30 different and unique accents that you can hear all over the country?

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