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There are many positives and negatives with trusting the talent to record from home. Cost, for instance; with their little home studio setup it reduces the need and cost of bringing everyone into a hired studio however, in some cases quality is sacrificed.

In a professional recording studio, the voice talent will have a producer to make sure the script is read correctly and help keep things on track, even if it’s just the sound engineer doubling up. Having another set of ears can be extremely helpful and even just having someone else control the technical aspects of recording can allow the voice over artist to focus on the vocal delivery. Having more than one person watching over the session that has a copy of the script is helpful because they can let you know when mistakes are made that you might not notice. They could help push you a little more than if you were alone.

Secondly the quality of the audio. In a professionally treated studio environment you’re not going to get the sound of cars passing outside or the kids playing downstairs bleeding into your all-important VO. Any possible acoustics from the recording space are reduced in a studio so it doesn’t sound like the voice has been recorded in a church.

Receiving a recording from a talents home can be cost effective and great quality, but sometimes you don’t know how good it’ll be until it’s too late and the job’s done. To ensure quality control, using a professional recording studio can’t be beaten, and is all-important for that big promotional voiceover.