Video Translation Services in Over 300 Languages

Video Translation Services in Over 300 Languages

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Video translation services. Screen capture of a video software by Matthew Kwong in Unsplash

Whether you are making a presentation, e-learning course, film, or promotional video, if your video is in a single language, it will hamper your ability to reach a global audience. Video translation services allow you to expand your reach to target foreign markets.

You need an agency with the capability of delivering a full range of services like translation, subtitling, and voiceover services to deliver your brand message to a global audience.  

GoLocalise is a full-service audio-video translation services agency that helps you ensure that your important communication is clearly understood by your target audience.

Localising a Video is More Than Translation

To take your video and localise it to a global audience, you need more than translation. To make the process stress-free and easy, you need to work with a company that has talented voice actors, in-house sound engineers, and professional recording studios. You also need to work with an agency that has experienced subtitlers and cutting-edge subtitling software.

GoLocalise can deliver tailored solutions to suit your needs with in-house project managers, quality control processes, and the ability to translate in over 300 languages such as:

Do you know the difference between translation and interpretation?

After Video Translation: Voice-Over or Subtitles?

With GoLocalise you will receive not just video translation services, but also high-quality additional services such as subtitling and voice-overs.

Most companies find that to deliver the best possible experience to their end users, subtitles and voicers serve them best. The option you choose will depend on the experience you want to deliver to your audience and your budget.

Subtitles refer to the captions at the bottom of the video that transcribe or translate the narrative or dialogue. Subtitles are affordable and faster.

Voice-over refers to replacing the original audio in the video file with a new narrative or dialogue. Voice-overs take more resources and time but result in a more professional, polished final product.

Audio and Video Voice-over Services

Professionally created voice-overs can make your content more professional, impactful, and engaging. Whether you are producing e-learning courses, ads, video games, or promotional videos, the right audio can help you connect to your audiences more efficiently through immersive content.

With voice-over services, the original audio in the video is replaced by the voice of a different actor. The new narrative and dialogues are synced perfectly to make the resulting video look as natural as possible.

GoLocalise is an experienced voice-over agency that understands how important it is to find the right voice talent for your video translation services. With an extensive talent pool of artists in more than 300 languages, the agency has the ability to deliver top-notch voiceovers for any project.  

Video Subtitling and Captioning Services

GoLocalise can help you add subtitles to promotional videos, feature films, e-learning courses, corporate videos, and more. The agency can deliver professional subtitles in English as well as in other languages. Translations can be created in any language of your preference as well as in subtitles for the hard of hearing.

When localising videos, GoLocalise video translation services also focus on localising important elements such as captions, text, and on-screen graphics. Here’s how the subtitling process works:

  1. Receiving the final video for subtitling
  2. Creating an English template
  3. Translating the English template into the required language
  4. Importing the subtitles into the subtitling software
  5. Quality checks
  6. Client approval for final subtitle file
  7. Burning-in
  8. Delivery of final video with subtitles

Video Translation Services in Healthcare

Video translation services have revolutionized the healthcare industry because of the benefits it offers. It reduces the cost of travel, improves the accuracy and efficiency of face-to-face interactions, and improves the patient experience.

The service is used by an increasing number of healthcare organizations today to facilitate communications between a doctor and patients to minimize risks such as misdiagnosis. Localised videos are also a great resource when it comes to training physicians, nurses, and other medical staff members.  

Expert translation services are valuable when it comes to educating patients about lifestyle changes, treatment options, and medications with accuracy. Healthcare organizations can also use the services of professional translators, voice artists, and subtitlers to create educative content on diseases, treatments, and symptoms for patients in any part of the world.  

GoLocalise has technically accurate and linguistically fluent translators that have a deep understanding of medical subject matter. This allows the agency to deliver expert localisation services through video translation services, voice-over, and subtitles in more than 300 languages.

Video Game Translation Services

Video game translation and localisation may often be overlooked by developers. When done correctly, it can help you improve your ROI significantly. The process is quite painstaking and detailed as it involves adapting the game to the cultural and linguistic references of a geographical location while maintaining the original context and meaning.

At GoLocalise, we not only ensure that the translations are error-free but also ensure that the translation uses the right terminology, feels natural, and is relatable to the players. From educational games to action games, GoLocalise ensures that crucial information is accurately delivered to players.

Video game translation makes the game accessible to more countries worldwide, helping you broaden your user base and increase your profitability.  

Professional Translation Agency Vs Hiring a Freelancer

Once you have made the decision to increase your reach to a global audience through audio and video translation services, the next step is to actually get it done. Whether you choose to hire a professional translation agency or a freelancer, there are pros and cons of both that you should consider.

Professional Translation Agency- Pros and Cons


  • A large network of translation professionals for every type of project
  • Consistent and cohesive results for each project
  • Can work with shorter deadlines
  • Stringent quality checks
  • Ready to use and correctly formatted content


  • Slightly more expensive
  • You may not know who is working on your project
  • Different translators may be used for different projects

Freelance Translators- Pros and Cons


  • Less expensive
  • You know who is working on your project
  • Ability to build a relationship with the freelancer


  • May not be available when needed
  • You may need to hire different freelancers for different languages
  • You may not receive the extra services that an agency is able to offer
  • May not be able to work with shorter deadlines

Whether you choose to work with a freelancer or a video translation service agency like GoLocalise will depend on your individual needs. When you work with an agency like GoLocalise, you will receive a complete package of solutions and services to handle your entire project so you can focus on things that are important to you (look at some translation case studies!).

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