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Subtitling Rates Guide

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Subtitling Rates Guide. Picture of a young professional subtitler linguist working at Golocalise's premises.

The standard subtitling rates in the industry reflect the years of experience that audiovisual linguists need to craft quality subtitles. 

Within subtitling services, there are other processes required, such as transcription and translation. The video is transcribed in the source language. The text is then translated into the target language to ensure the highest quality output.

This subtitling rates guide is based on the standards in the UK. However, since the UK is an international hub for audiovisual production, the subtitling rates reflect the standards of the international market as well.

Typical Subtitling Rates

Rates for subtitling can vary depending on a number of factors, such as project requirements, video quality, complexity, and length. 

The prices also vary based on the industry. Each industry requires a different approach to creating subtitles

The target language also has a major impact on the final cost of the project because different languages have different complexity levels.

Subtitling Rates Per Minute

In most cases, subtitling projects are charged by the minute. Rates per minute are the industry norm.

The simplest project would be creating subtitles in the same language as the one used in the audio. 

This would involve transcription of the audio, where the words are first typed out and then formatted before creating subtitles.

Complex projects may also involve translation to a different language after transcription before the subtitles are created (check out our complete translation rates guide).

Subtitling Rates Per File

Completed subtitles are always delivered in a timed-text file format such as STL, WebVTT, or SRT. A per-file rate may be charged depending on the type of file required. 

Subtitles can be open or closed captions. For open captions, the subtitles are synched with the video and burnt-in the video before delivering to the client. Good subtitling can be a complex process because of the duration of the subtitles, frame rates, and reading speeds. It is important to work from text to maintain the accuracy of character limits and speed.

The starting rates for subtitling are listed in the table below.

Subtitling Rates Per Minute£8-20€10-20$12-22

Steps of the Subtitling Process

Subtitling has its own specific criteria, specifications, and rules, so each project follows a specific process. Every step of the process has its own specific subtitling rates. Here’s a brief overview of the entire process, from start to finish.

Transcription with Time Coding

The first step of the process involves transcribing the spoken audio into text, word for word. Time codes are then added to each paragraph for cue points.

Cueing, Condensing, and SRT File

In many cases, other services are required in addition to the ones listed above. The script is condensed to fit the available space on the screen. It is also then converted into SRT file format.

Subtitling Translation

The transcription is then translated by an expert translator into the target language. This requires special skill because the translated text not only needs to successfully convey the meaning but also needs to fit into a restricted space.

QA by Second Translator

The completed translation is then reviewed by a second translator to spot any inaccuracies or nuances.

Sync Subtitles for Approval

The subtitles are then synced to a low-res video and sent for client approval. If any changes are required, the amendments are done at this stage.

Final Sync and Burn-In

Once approved, a final sync is done, and the subtitles are burnt-in in the video. The project is now complete and ready to be delivered.

Subtitle File

In some cases, clients may want to burn-in the subtitles themselves. A subtitle file in a format of their choice is created in this case and delivered.

English Transcriptions and Time Coding£8/minute€10/minute$12/minute
Transcription with cueing, condensing, SRT£9/minute€12/minute$14/minute
QA by Second Translator£8/minute€11/minute$12/minute
Sync Subtitles£9/minute€12/minute$14/minute
Final Sync and Burn-In£5/minute€7/minute$9/minute

Get Quality Subtitling

Get competitive subtitling services with GoLocalise, ensuring quality at every step.

Subtitling and Translation Services in All Languages

As a leading voice-over agency in the UK, GoLocalise provides integral services for audio and video localization that includes subtitling services, voice-overs, translation, and transcription.

GoLocalise follows industry-standard practices to ensure that each subtitling project undergoes stringent quality control to ensure the accuracy of the completed product. Get in touch with us today to request a quote for your next subtitling project.

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