How to Choose a Voice-Over Recording Studio in London

How to Choose a Voice-Over Recording Studio in London

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Voice actors working at GoLocalise Voice-Over recording studio in London UK

Finding the right voice-over recording studio can be quite overwhelming. There are thousands of excellent studios around the world, so how can you be sure that you are choosing the right one?

When you think about starting a voice-over project, one of the things you should consider from the beginning is where you are going to record it.

Well, here you will find valuable information on how to find the perfect recording studio for your voice-over project.

First, let’s start with the essentials: 

  1. How well equipped the studios are

A voice over agency must have a state-of-the-art recording studio with top quality professional equipment in an extraordinary, acoustically treated studio environment.

  1. The quality of the engineers and professionals

You really want your recordings to be produced by experienced engineers with a finely-tuned ear, who will ensure that the project will not only meet, but exceed your expectations.

Look for a Voice-Over Recording Studio with a strict quality control that ensure that your audio will meet the highest recording standards, like GoLocalise Studio! with more than 15 years’ experience.

How to know if a studio specialises in voice-over?

Not all professional studios specialise in voice over recordings. The studio you are looking for must be well-equipped for voice recording, along with a team of experienced recording managers, directors and translators. This enables fast and efficient work.

They must be able to offer mixing, dialogue editing, sound design and final mixing for your project.

At Golocalise you will be working with a modern state-of-the-art recording studio. Every detail has been carefully thought through for your comfort, leaving you to simply focus on what matters most – the voice over session.

Look at the recording studio facilities

Take a Studio Tour.

What you look for in a voice-over recording studio is a modern room, in a quiet, acoustically treated well located place.

Golocalise has exactly that. Their fresh and custom-built studios offer the highest standard in modern sound recording.

Their sound proof studios were acoustically designed to provide the best possible recording quality, ensuring that your voice-over projects are clear and accurate to the highest standards.

Enquire about the recording studio equipment

Using state of the art recording equipment, Golocalise can create spectacular results, adding depth and character to your visual media through the power of sound.

They work only with top level equipment from the best brands:

  • Neumann microphones TLM 103
  • Focusrite Octopre MK2
  • Digital Converter Avid HD Omni
  • Workstation Digidesign Artist Control
  • Studio Monitors Genelec 1030A Bi-Amplified Monitoring System
  • Headphones Sony MDR 7506
  • Software Pro Tools HD 11, Final Cut, Audition CS6, Logic Pro.

If you’re ready to get serious about recording, this is a perfect place to go. They work with exceptionally high-quality equipment that delivers pristine audio performance at blazingly fast speed. 

Ask for a good sound engineer

Using a professional voice-over recording studio with experienced engineers who knows what they’re doing, guarantees you professional results. They can always go that extra mile just to make sure you receive proper direction.

Every single detail will be analyzed, studied, and looked after, this allows the actors you hire to concentrate on their parts and achieve great performances (do you want to become a voice-over artist?). 

Check the voice-over recordings delivery options

Whatever deliverable you need a professional studio will be glad to meet your requirements. They can safely deliver your files by sending over a secure link directly to a folder on their own server, from which you can download your files. Or using WeTransfer in the format of your choice (wav, mp3, etc).

They can split your session’s audio into multiple shorter audio files and label them according to your instructions. Mix the new audio with backing music or sound effects. Or send it completely raw, unedited audio, straight after the session ends.

It is your choice. Just ask!

Calculate the recording time in advance

The real time it takes to record a voice in the studio depends on the length of the script.

Golocalise offers a default deliverable of a single audio file per voice over recording, tidied up by sound engineers to remove any outtakes and delivered within one business day of the voice over session, often less.

For large projects, they will work with you to define the right timeline, taking into consideration the word count, talent mix, translation services and all editing requirements.

They also know that voice over recording requirements aren’t one-size-fits-all, so if your project needs a little extra editing, they will be more than happy to oblige.

Voice-over in over 100 languages and accents

As a voice agency, Golocalise works with any language or accent you need, thanks to its large network of voice-over talents.

Also offer services from transcribing, translating a video and voicing it over, to creating international subtitles for a foreign language version of your video in more than 100 languages, with Golocalise your message will faithfully and accurately be delivered by experienced native speakers only, including in Dutch or even in Indonesian!

How to set up a voice-over studio at Home

If you decide to build your own home voice-over recording studio, getting the right gear is the key to getting the results you need.

When designing a studio that’s small enough to fit into a room in your house, compact size and portability are key.

The essential components of a home studio are:

  • Microphones with pop filter
  • Computer
  • Audio Interface
  • Recording Software
  • MIDI Controller
  • Headphones
  • Studio Monitors
  • Extra Hard Drive

Even though it only works for amateur projects, when building out a room in your house exclusively for audio, you will have to give special consideration to designing a space that will provide the most optimal recording environment.

Soundproofing this area will make all the gear you invested in sound even better. So don’t forget to improve your room’s acoustics and put your desk in the exact right position.

You will also have to give special attention to what comes after the recording process, such as editing, mixing and sound design, post production and Audio Mastering, among others critical issues. Now you are ready to get started with your own voice-over recording studio!

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