Hotel Script Samples for Commercial Voice Over

Hotel Script Samples for Commercial Voice Over

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Hotel Script Sample. Photo hammocks and umbrella placed near to a large pool. This image is used to illustrate the article “Hotel Script Sample for Commercial Voice Over.” Freepik license:

Hotel Script Samples for Commercial Voice Over

In the world of hospitality and advertising, voice over scripts are a vital tool for conveying the allure and charm of hotels in a captivating and persuasive manner. These scripts allow hoteliers and advertisers to transport their target audience to luxurious getaways, enticing them to experience the comfort and elegance of their establishments.

So, let’s delve into the realm of hotel commercial scripts. In this article, you’ll discover a selection of hotel script sample ads meticulously crafted to inspire and assist you in creating your own compelling and effective voice over content. Whether you’re a hotel owner eager to promote your accommodations or a voice actor seeking practice material, these hotel script samples will serve as invaluable resources for your upcoming projects.

For Hotel Owners and Marketers Creating Hotel Advertisements

If you’re a hotel owner or marketer seeking hotel ad script examples, you’ve come to the right place. The scripts featured here cover a spectrum of hotel themes, styles, and target demographics, catering to the diverse requirements of those looking to showcase their hotel properties, services, or unique experiences. These scripts can be customised to align with your specific objectives, ensuring your message is conveyed with utmost allure and irresistible allure.

For Voice Actors and Ad Producers Crafting Hotel Advertisements

Voice actors and ad producers, these scripts are a precious asset for refining your talents and finding creative inspiration. Utilize them to perfect your delivery, experiment with various tones and atmospheres, and elevate your artistic craft. Whether you’re lending your voice to a hotel ad script or overseeing its production, these scripts offer abundant opportunities for honing your skills and creating captivating hotel commercials.

Client: Global Hotels
Voice Age: Young Adult (18-35)
Gender: Male or Female
Job Description: Global Hotels, a leading hotel chain with a wide range of accommodations, is launching a new online advertising campaign. We aim to attract travellers seeking comfortable and convenient stays at our hotels. The target audience includes individuals and couples aged 18-65 who value quality accommodations during their travels. Our objective is to convey the appeal of our hotels and the exceptional experiences we offer.
Art Direction: We need a young adult male or female voice with an energetic, friendly, and informative tone. The voice should be enthusiastic and engaging, making listeners excited about staying at Global Hotels. It should evoke a sense of warmth and comfort, inviting travellers to experience our properties. The accent should be a neutral English (UK) accent.
Category: Online Commercial
Industry: Hospitality
Style: The style of the voiceover for Global Hotels should be energetic, friendly, and informative, aiming to captivate and convince potential guests about the comfort and convenience of our accommodations.
Language: English (UK)
Accent: Neutral or RP
Word Count:  90-sec: 163 words, 30-sec: 66 words and 15-sec: 31 words

90-Second Hotel Script Sample for Online Commercial:

[Upbeat Music]

Voice Over (Young Adult Male): Are you ready for your next adventure? Look no further than Global Hotels, the ultimate destination for your perfect getaway. With our wide range of locations and exceptional service, we make sure every stay is an experience to remember.

[Visual: Shots of beautiful hotel rooms, amenities, and happy guests]

Voice Over: Our spacious and beautifully appointed rooms provide a comfortable retreat after a long day of exploration. Enjoy modern amenities, breathtaking views, and the utmost comfort during your stay.

[Visual: Guests enjoying the pool, fitness centre, and dining]

Voice Over: Take a dip in our refreshing pools, stay fit at our state-of-the-art fitness centers, and savor delectable cuisine at our on-site restaurants.

[Visual: Smiling hotel staff assisting guests]

Voice Over: Our dedicated and friendly staff is always here to ensure your needs are met, from the moment you arrive until your departure.

[Visual: Landmarks and city centers]

Voice Over: And with our prime locations near iconic landmarks and vibrant city centers, you’ll have easy access to the best local attractions and hidden gems.

[Visual: Happy guests enjoying their stay]

Voice Over: Experience true hospitality and create unforgettable memories at Global Hotels. Book your stay now at and let your next adventure begin!

[Upbeat Music]

Narrator (Young Adult Male): Global Hotels, where comfort meets convenience.

30-Second Hotel Script Sample for Online Commercial:

[Upbeat Music]

Voice Over (Young Adult Male): Discover the perfect getaway at Global Hotels, where exceptional service meets unforgettable experiences.

[Visual: Shots of beautiful hotel rooms, amenities, and happy guests]

Voice Over: Our beautifully appointed rooms offer comfort and relaxation after a day of exploration.

[Visual: Guests enjoying the pool, fitness center, and dining]

Voice Over: Enjoy our state-of-the-art amenities, including refreshing pools and exquisite dining options. With prime locations near iconic landmarks; your adventure awaits.

[Visual: Landmarks and city centers]

Voice Over: Book your stay now at and create memories that last a lifetime.

[Upbeat Music]

Narrator (Young Adult Male): Global Hotels, your passport to unforgettable moments.

15-Second Hotel Script Sample for Online Commercial:

[Upbeat Music]

Voice Over (Young Adult Male): Find your perfect getaway at Global Hotels. Comfortable rooms, stunning amenities, and prime locations near iconic landmarks. Book now at and make lasting memories.

[Upbeat Music]

Narrator (Young Adult Male): Global Hotels, where unforgettable moments begin.

Crafting an Engaging and Persuasive Voice Over for Hotel Advertisements

When it comes to creating an alluring and persuasive voice over for hotel advertisements, you’re stepping into a world where your words can transport your audience to enchanting destinations. Here are some essential tips to help you deliver a voice over that captivates and convinces:

  1. Know Your Audience: Begin by understanding your target audience. Tailor your tone, style, and content to resonate effectively with the specific demographic you want to attract to your hotel.
  2. Highlight the Experience: While showcasing the features of your hotel is important, it’s the experience and emotions you evoke that truly entice your audience. Clearly convey how staying at your hotel can create unforgettable memories, relaxation, and enjoyment.
  3. Evoke Emotion: Injecting emotion into your voice is a powerful tool in hotel advertisements. Whether it’s excitement, tranquility, adventure, or a sense of luxury, emotions help your audience connect with your hotel on a deeper level, making the ad more relatable and memorable.
  4. Prioritise Clarity: Clarity is key in hotel ads. Ensure your voice is clear and easy to understand, especially when describing the unique aspects of your property. Clarity ensures that your message about your hotel’s offerings comes across effectively.
  5. Practice Makes Perfect: Just like in financial ads, honing your voice over talent for hotel ads improves with practice. Regularly rehearse your scripts to refine your delivery. Seek feedback from colleagues or mentors to continually improve your skills.
  6. Timing is Everything: Effective timing and pacing are crucial in hotel advertisements. Your voice over should seamlessly align with the visuals, music, and on-screen actions, enhancing the overall flow of the advertisement and creating an engaging experience for the viewers.

For inspiration, you can watch the following hotel advertisement video showcasing the breathtaking beauty of a luxury resort:

In the world of hotel advertisements, voice overs serve as the bridge that connects viewers with dream getaways. They have the unique ability to transform your hotel into an irresistible destination, far beyond the physical structure. With every word spoken, they inspire wanderlust, kindle the desire for relaxation, and create an enduring connection.

To elevate your hotel advertisement voice over projects and ensure they resonate with a global audience, consider collaborating with GoLocalise. Our team of seasoned professionals possesses extensive experience in the voice over industry. With a deep understanding of language, culture, and the nuances of tone, we can help you select the perfect voice to represent your hotel advertisements.

Partner with GoLocalise to infuse your hotel campaigns with a voice that not only informs but also deeply resonates, crafting an enduring impression that beckons travellers from all corners of the world, all while delivering a captivating hotel ad script.

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