Disney Voice Actors: 5 famous English Voice-Over Artists

Disney Voice Actors: 5 famous English Voice-Over Artists

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Disney Voice Actors: 5 famous English Voice-Over Artists. Image showing 2 Mickey shaped pancakes, GoLocalise, Disney voice over artists, voice overs

The magic of Disney cradled our childhood thanks to the famous Disney voice actors. It continues to be very present today through memorable songs and iconic quotes from our favorite Disney characters.

Disney Voice Actors and their Characters

There are dozens of Disney movies created for the enjoyment of young and old alike, and which hold numerous hidden messages. 

Due to the high popularity of those movies, most have been dubbed in several different languages across the world by many voice over actors

Here is a list of Disney voice actors, focusing on the famous English voice over actors that dubbed 5 of the most well-known Disney characters. We also include some symbolism hidden within these Disney movies.

Ready to know the most famous Disney Voice Actors and their characters?

Mickey Mouse Voice-Over Artists

One of Walt Disney’s first creations – Mickey Mouse is one of the only Disney characters which, throughout time, has been dubbed in English by four different voice-over artists

Unsurprisingly, Walt Disney was the first person to lend his voice to our famous mouse around the year 1929. 

It is said that Walt Disney was no longer able to dubb Mickey’s high voice due to his habit of smoking which resulted in the deterioration of his voice. 

Then, in 1946, Jimmy Macdonald took over, followed by Wayne Allwine in the 1980s until 2009. Finally, Bret Iwan became the official voice for Mickey Mouse.

Mickey Mouse can be defined as being the mascot of Disney Company. Like the other Disney movies mentioned below, Mickey is also full of meaning. Happiness, fun and optimism are common themes represented in the movies. Mickey demonstrates that despite the situation one’s in, the good guy always wins! All the voice over actors mentioned did an amazing job in transmitting Mickey’s positive, fun and loving energy in the movies, throughout the years.

Rowan Atkinson as Zazu in The Lion King

“I am not really single, I am dating my self , I take my self out to eat, I buy myself clothes, I love me, I’m awesome”

Rowan Atkinson as Zazu

Does this quote ring a bell? Well, it comes from a very popular persona – Mr. Bean! Performed by Rowan Atkinson, a well-known British comedian and actor, and one of the best Disney voice actors.

Zazu is a red-billed hornbill presented as being King Mufasa’s majordomo; he displays the following values: loyalty, honour and dignity. And despite his small size, he responsible for maintaining the order within the Kingdom. 

He holds quite an important role within the story. Rowan Atkinson, who is used to the comical world, had to endorse a more serious role by having to make his voice sound a little more authoritative. In addition he had to mirror Zazu’s fun and caring persona.

In terms of the symbolisms behind the movie, The Lion King demonstrates the idea that one’s past does not define their future.

Eddie Murphy as Mushu in Mulan

“Chicken Boy? Say That To My Face, You Limp Noodle!”

Eddie Murphy as Mushu

You probably already heard of Eddie Murphy before as he is well-known for his acting and comedian skills; but did you know that he is the English Disney Voice Over Actor behind Mushu from Mulan? 

You might have also recognised Eddie Murphy’s voice in Shrek as he also dubbed Donkey throughout the series. 

Some of his most notable works include Dolemite is My Name (2019), Beverly Hills Cop (1984), as well as 48Hrs. (1982).

Mushu is a red dragon, who is Mulan’s guardian and protector. Eddie’s ability to bring Mushu’s personality and comical side forward through the use of various voice tones. It makes the character lovable to the audience despite his selfishness and impulsivity.

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The Disney movie Mulan holds many symbolisms within its story. However, there are 3 notable themes that pop out from it. It highlights the importance of family, and that determination and perseverance is key to success! 

And most importantly, Mulan defies gender expectations. She brings up the idea that one must embrace one’s own identity even if it means defying society.

Joaquin Phoenix as Kenai in Brother Bear

“Are you sure your mom didn’t ditch you, Ko-duh?”

Joaquin Phoenix as Kenai

We are pretty sure that if someone says Joker to you, the name Joaquin Phoenix will probably cross your mind. Well, in addition to being an amazing actor who won the Academy Award for best actor for his representation of the Joker, Joaquin was also the English Disney Voice Actor of Kenai in Brother Bear

Throughout the movie, you can see the evolution of the main character, Kenai. Thanks to Phoenix, you can spot this character development through his voice. From the immature Kenai at the beginning of the movie, to a more grown up, and eloquent man.

Phil Collins’s legendary voice is also a major element of the movie. As all 7 songs of the movie were written by him – 5 being sung by him!

Brother Bear” is said to take its inspiration from the Inuit culture, where themes associated with the Inuit’s common practices and mythology are touched upon in the movie. 

Furthermore, it highlights the importance and value of brotherhood, portraying rather realistic sibling relationships (i.e.: teasing, fighting, love etc.). It also demonstrates the importance of empathy towards all species.

Lou Romano as Alfredo Linguini in Ratatouille

“I have a secret. It’s sort of disturbing. I have a ra… I have a raaaaa…”

Lou Romano as Alfredo Linguini

We might be cheating a little on this one since Ratatouille isn’t an actual Disney movie but a Pixar film. However, I think that Lou Romano is an interesting voice over actor as he lent his voice to 3 well-known characters – Bernie Kropp in The Incredibles, Snot Rod in Cars, and most importantly, Alfredo Linguini in Ratatouille. 

He is an animation production design artist (he worked on Monsters, Inc. and The Incredibles), and as he is also a popular character voice actor.

The hidden message behind Ratatouille is that one should not be defined by the prejudices they face (i.e.: being a woman, being from different ethnicity, etc.). And that they should still fight for their dreams and rights!

FUN FACT! Did you know that Auli’i Cravalho, the voice of our Disney princess Moana, is the youngest VO actor to voice a Disney princess? (she started recording for the movie at 14).

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