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Happy New Year everybody! We hope you had a fantastic time with your dear ones, friends, family, doggies, etc.

Lately, at GoLocalise we are constantly being requested by our clients for voice over talents that can do several different accents. GoLocalise has over 800 talents in their books – so with our extensive voice library, it is hard and time consuming to search through it to find the right talent/s for a job.

The majority of talents can do accents, but most of the time they forget to mention this in their samples. I think it is important that talents are very organised and very good at labeling their samples – it saves us a lot of work, and also it increases their chances to get more work. Imagine that we didn’t know you could do accents and we would not put you forward for that cool TV commercial with a great buyout? You will be gutted, and we would be gutted too.

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