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This project took a full day of hard work in the studio recording in 5 different languages, dubbing each one and lip-syncing to the picture. Luckily the production team had done a great job and gave us every advantage, filming the presenter speaking in the 5 languages needed. We were asked to localise the male and female voice to each respective language so that each advert is native to the target audience.

For this UK English example we worked with two hard working voice artists and good friends of GoLocalise, Roland and Emma. Their experience and skill was a huge asset for the session, helping everything to run smoothly and to such a high standard.

We came across a few challenges along the way. The male voice needed to lip sync to a non-native English presenter, which is fine 90% of the time but on occasion his rhythm and delivery were awkward. Along with that there were a couple of script differences between what the actor said and what we were asked to record, but we rose to the challenge and with the voiceover talents skills, engineer’s direction and studio magic we delivered the clean audio to the client who merged it to the video, producing a fantastic end result that they were extremely happy with.

Hopefully this might inspire you to get started on that magical script which will promote or market your company to the world !!