Transcription VS Translation

Transcription VS Translation

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Transcription comes from the latin transcribere: trans (over) + scribere (write) and is the act of producing a written, printed, typed or electronic copy of words which have been spoken.

Translation is the act or process of changing one language into another and usually refers to text but can also be applied to any other media type. It comes from Old French translacion or more directly from the Latin translationem (a carrying across, removal, transporting; transfer of meaning).

We need more than a dictionary definition to explain these two concepts so here is an example.

Unraveling the jargon…

Imagine your company has sent you along to an important Health & Safety training course. The course is due to run over three days and there is a lot of content to cover. You decide it would be smart to record the training with your audio recorder so you can listen to it again on the train ride home when you review your notes. When you get to the office the next day you decide that your colleagues would really benefit from some of the material so you give the audio tape to a GOLOCALISE TRANSCRIBER who produces a written version as a Word document. A week later, your team takes on a new member who is Italian. You want to build a company handbook and include a section of the key points in Italian so you give the Word document to a GOLOCALISE TRANSLATOR who translates from the English source text.

You might be thinking that you need both transcription and translation for your project but we can also work straight from your audio file and deliver the Italian translation into a Word document for you. We can even add timecodes to it.

If you need any further information or clarification, we would, as always, be delighted to guide you through and answer any questions you might have on a project that you’re planning or even are in the middle of!

The Complete Solution

Looking to get your entire project under one roof? Look no further, we can help you make life easier for you!

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