Subtitling Services in over 300 Languages

Subtitling Services in over 300 Languages

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Subtitling Services in over 300 Languages. Photo of a professional subtitler in front of a computer screen subtitling a video into Arabic on Golocalise agency offices. Golocalise's photo.

Subtitling services can make your voice heard as intended wherever video content is watched in the world. Subtitling is an audiovisual translation that adapts and summarizes the original content and presents it as written text in a language of your choice.

Professional subtitling services are time-consuming and complex because they involve transcription, translation, synchronization, and more (read more about the importance of quality video subtitling services). 

The service is useful for a variety of media formats, such as video games, social media, YouTube, TV programming, movies, and more. When you work with a subtitling services provider like GoLocalise, the results can be impressive.

Professional Subtitling Services

Video subtitling services incorporate a multi-step process to ensure the quality and accuracy of the final project. Here is how the entire process works:

  1. The process starts with procuring the final version of the video. This is important because subtitles have to be impeccably timed.
  2. Then follows the transcription process, where the audio is transcribed word for word.
  3. Once the transcription file is ready, the next step is creating the subtitles. Subtitles need to adhere to strict time and character restrictions, so it requires advanced skills. 
  4. Once the English subtitles are created, they can be translated into the target language. Video translation service requires deep knowledge of cultural context so it can be successfully localized for foreign audiences.
  5. The on-screen text and graphics also need to be translated for localization to be impeccable. The video may need additional details, such as a narrative and the title of the speaker in the video.
  6. The next step in the process is the synchronization of the audio and video to ensure that the subtitles are displayed at exactly the right time. This is the most time-consuming part of the process to maintain fluidity and continuity.
  7. Finally, the finished subtitles are burnt-in into the video. This requires advanced video editing software to ensure that the final video looks professional and crisp. 

Subtitling Styles and Formats

When choosing subtitling services, it is also important to choose the right style, output, and format

There is a huge range of formats and styles available for broadcast videos and online media, depending on your needs. Here is a brief overview of some of the most commonly used subtitle formats:

  • SRT- This format is compatible with most types of media players and subtitle creation packages. It is suitable for social media and online videos, website video content, and Media Player.

  • WebVTT- This style of format allows styling in regard to position, text formatting, and rendering. It is particularly effective when used for Slideshare, Vimeo, YouTube, and social media.

  • STL- STL files are basic and easy to use, but it allows you to edit styles and settings for each subtitle. This format is mostly used with DVD Studio Pro.

  • SAMI- This format is similar to HTML or CSS. The files can be easily positioned and styled as needed. SAMI is generally used with YouTube and Windows Media Player.

  • EBU STL- This is a highly formattable and editable format that is used in professional settings such as video on demand, television services, satellite TV service providers, and terrestrial channels.

  • SCC- Closed captions or SCC subtitles are highly customizable and are used widely for BluRay, DVDs, web videos, and broadcasts.

Subtitling Rates

Rates for video subtitling services vary greatly depending on the length and complexity of the project, the target language, and project requirements.

The simplest subtitling projects are the ones where the subtitles do not need to be translated into another language. 

These tend to cost the lowest. In other cases, the process involves transcription, creating subtitles, translation of the subtitles to the target language, synchronization, and burn-in. 

Subtitling services are usually charged by the minute. Refer to this subtitling rates guide for more information.  

How Long Does It Take to Create Subtitles?

It takes 5 to 10 times the duration of a video to create subtitles on average. Transcriptionists that are trained usually require around 5 hours to transcribe a video of one hour. 

The exact duration also depends on whether the subtitles need to be in English or if they need to be translated into another language.

Timing also depends on the editing software used and the level of precision needed when managing the timing of the subtitles.  

Different Types of Subtitles Services

There are three main types of subtitling services. Producers looking for video subtitling services should choose one based on the audience they are targeting and the nature of the project. 

Open Captions

Open captions are subtitles that are permanently added to the original video. This means that no additional software will be needed to replay the content. The subtitles cannot be switched off. 

The best examples of open captions are karaoke song lyrics.

Closed Captions

In closed subtitles, pre-rendered subtitles that can be turned on or off. 

Multiple language subtitles, like the ones seen on Netflix, are also possible with closed subtitles. 

Closed captions appear at the bottom of the screen and are widely seen on streaming services and on social media.

SDH Subtitles

SDH subtitles include information such as speaker identification, sound effects, and essential nonspeech features. 

These subtitles are geared toward deaf and hard-of-hearing audiences, so they are presented verbatim when possible.

Best Subtitling Services Made by Humans

Auto-generated subtitles are underwhelming, especially for professional projects, because they lack linguistic nuances and are inaccurate. 

Professional translators and subtitlers have years of experience in their field, allowing them to create subtitles that truly connect with the target audience.

GoLocalise has a team of native-speaking linguists capable of creating high-quality subtitles in over 300 languages. Our subtitling services will make the entire process stress-free and efficient so you can focus on the areas of your project that are truly important to you.

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