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Hello again everybody!

Here in London, it looks like summer is finally coming (or at least the English version of summer [:-)] Days are getting longer, and it seems like there is more time to do things.

The other day, for example, I was with some friends watching a film with English subtitles. At some point, one of my friends spotted a clear mistake in the subtitles. As most of us were translators, we immediately started an intense discussion that ended up in sharing unforgettable subtitling mistakes that we had seen on TV.

People tend to think that subtitling is as easy as just entering what is being said in the text box – but it is much more complex than that. Actually, subtitling is more than just translating a text. For example, subtitle positioning. Can we put subtitles at the top of the screen? In the middle? And what about the lines? Can we have three?

Here at GoLocalise we always work following the industry standards, so don’t worry! You are in safe hands with us. However, not everybody is so careful, and subtitling can sometimes go really really wrong (typos, misunderstandings, missing text, inconsistency between the text and the image…).

Here are some real life examples from subtitles in films or TV. Enjoy!