Something wicked, this way comes

Something wicked, this way comes

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Image of 2 carved pumpkins, halloween themed, pumpkin carving, GoLocalise, spooky voices, voice overs

Spooky things have been happening at GoLocalise as we approach the time of All Hallows Eve. It started subtly enough…

A few small snakes started to appear here and there, sneaking across the tops of our computers, gradually multiplying across the office. Terrifying! Then an orange orb materialised, innocent enough, until it started to transform, mutate, transfigure. It began to lose the top of its head before grooves and crevasses began to appear. These expanded at an alarming rate, and to our horror an effigy appeared. With slits for grimacing eyes and a bat for the mouth, fire began emanating from its insides as yet more snakes started to crawl from its scalp. To this horror only a photograph will do justice.

That’s right, we have a pumpkin now guarding/terrorising the Golocalise office. Although Halloween likely originated from the Celtic harvest festival in the UK and Ireland, America has well and truly adopted it to create a global celebration of ghosts, ghouls and the undead. Children (and adults) dress as supernatural figures to celebrate and enjoy the horrors and scares of the festival. From watching scary films to trick-or-treating we hope that you do something to celebrate and enjoy the spookiest holiday of the year.

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