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In the same way that languages allow us to pinpoint someone’s native background, eating habits will also give you a fairly good idea of their roots.

Here at GoLocalise Towers, it’s been interesting to see the change in gastronomy. We have had a mini revolution so to speak. It started innocently enough, with a new member joining the team. His breakfast would consist of two toasties – he has Dutch ancestry – consisting of Dutch cheese and good quality ham. You can’t fight it. When you come into work in the morning and smell the delicious melted goodness of the makers breakfast – it’s contagious: someone’s making one and soon enough everyone will want one too. At GoLocalise, we have all rediscovered the toasted sandwich and just how delicious it is. The skill is in getting the right amount of char in the toast and melt in the cheese for the perfect experience. Oh sweet chees-us, I’m hungry now.

You get it, one new nationality in the team and it will rub off on all off us, starting a new trend. But most importantly, it makes me understand that food – and toasties in our case – crosses boundaries and continents. It is almost intergalactic. The toastie is loved the world over and it seems fitting that the GoLocalise team have taken it into their hearts (and stomachs). If aliens came to Earth, they would most likely be greeted with a toastie.

Yet, something as universal as a toasted sandwich will also be adapted according to the maker’s heritage. Ham gets substituted by chicken, chorizo, turkey or prosciutto. Some will slap a fried egg on it or slip in some avocado or even have it with a spicy curry dip. Edam, Cheddar, Gouda, Feta, blue cheese, baguette, pitta, naan, bagel…the variations are endless. Still, in essence, it is still just flour, meat and dairy and somehow our way of combining these fundamentals will ultimately change the taste of it.

I hope you will indulge me in my next analogy. Are we, human beings, no more than mere toasties? We all share the same basic elements, but our flavours are quite different. Like a good cook, a linguist will need to discover and understand these ingredients, in order to make his own dish in the end.

Right that’s it, I camembert it any more. I’m off to make a toastie.