City University has come to GoLocalise

City University has come to GoLocalise

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Last week our working days were brightened by the visit of Christine Kretschmer, Lecturer at City University in London, and the students of the MA in Audiovisual Translation.

GoLocalise has been a safe harbour and a great starting point for many City Alumni, among other universities, acting as a kick-starter into the industry for many of us.

We first showed the City University students our open-plan office and our state-of-the-art studios and afterward we took a look at GoLocalise’s history and how David built this company from the ground up.

We explained the services that we provide: general translation, translation for voice over, voice over, dubbing, subtitling, transcription, etc. and the business our lovely clients are in, which mainly entails corporate material, but also e-learning and from time to time movies and short films for festivals.

We showed how a typical day at GoLocalise unfolds: how we liaise with clients and suppliers, send quotes, purchase orders and invoices, check subtitling files and attend recording sessions as language directors. No two days are ever the same…

Also, Chiara and myself are City alumni and we have done our MA in Audiovisual Translation in the golden days. This prepared us with the relevant theory, technical knowledge and project management skills to face any challenge in our work.

We also provided the students with a few tips on how to become freelance translators, subtitlers and project managers and the skills needed for any of these fascinating jobs.

Having students from various London universities has become a tradition here at GoLocalise and we wish to thank everyone who came to our studios last week to take the time to get to know this small yet professional AVT agency and our friendly team.
Until next year…

Gabriele Uzzo,
Enthusiastic Junior Team Leader
Experienced Project Manager
Nostalgic City Alumnus

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