A Translation Guide to Euro 2016

A Translation Guide to Euro 2016

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Translation for the Euro 2016

We work with translation in most industries, and sporting events are no exception! This means we’re eagerly anticipating the upcoming Euros. Will Rooney finally perform on the big stage? Can Spain recapture the magic of 2012? Can France find success on home soil again? And will Italy be able to win without their talisman striker Andrea Pirlo? All these questions will be answered at the championships in what will be the most exciting sporting event of the summer… until the 2016 Rio Olympics kicks off in August.​ Side bar: don’t forget to reach out to us for your Portuguese translation needs when that rolls around.

With the thousands of fans travelling across the channel for the matches GoLocalise thought it was only right that we help out our football fans, and Wayne Rooney, with the translation of a few useful phrases to help you get by in what can be a very emotional footballing month.

Hello – Bonjour
Goodbye – Au revoir
Thank you – Merci
Two beers please – Deux bières, s’il vous plaît
Shoot! – Tire !
That’s offside! – C’est hors-jeu !
No way is that a penalty. – Ça ne peut pas être un “penalty”.
Oh no, a penalty shootout! – Oh non des tirs au but !
That’s a foul ref! – C’est une faute, monsieur I’arbitre !
Send him off. – Expulsez-le !
Are you blind ref? – Vous êtes aveugle, monsieur l’arbitre.

Those phrases above should be more than enough to cover the basis of multilingual football lingo for any eager football fans this season. But wait, does GoLocalise only provide translation services in French? No, of course not. We’ve been in the audiovisual translation business since 2018 which means we can also provide subtitles and voice over services, and we do exactly that on a daily basis. So whatever project you might have coming up, and in whatever language combination you can think of, don’t hesitate to reach out to one of our friendly Client Services team on [email protected] for a quote.

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