How to Get a Professional Voice-Over: Useful Tips

How to Get a Professional Voice-Over: Useful Tips

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How to get a professional voice-over: useful tips. Microphone picture by thekreativecompany in Pixabay. Pixabay License.

Whatever service or product you offer to the market, a professional voice-over recording is essential to stay ahead of your competition and keep audiences engaged in your video.

Professional voice actors can take your project to the next level, providing versatility in both style and content. That’s why a professional voice-over is much more than just a great voice.

It requires a great deal of acting and knowledge of voice inflexions to transmit a crystal clear message. Voice-over really is a very effective art of vocal ability

Perfect Voice-Over Production Guide

There are thousands of voice-over actors offering their services around the world, and deciding how to choose the voice that best fits your needs is extremely hard.

The first step in your search for a professional voiceover is to determine what type of talent you’re looking for:

If you are not sure where to look, there are specialised studios that can offer you a list of great professionals that are right for the job. GoLocalise is recognized as the leading voice-over agency in London and is well known for its long list of extremely high-quality voice-over actors.

Professional Voice-Over Useful Tips

Here is a guide to help you understand what steps to take to achieve the best results:

1- Choose the right recording studio

In this business there is one well-known fact, if you want professional results, you will have to record in a specialised voice over studio with professionals who will guide you throughout your project and deliver a high-quality product.

There are plenty of options around, but you have to find just the right studio that will best meet your needs and ensure that your project is up to the highest professional standards.

Find out more about voiceover recording studios in London.

2- Calculate how much studio time you need

Every voiceover is different and, for that reason, every recording section flows at a different pace. There are many variables to consider, such as:

  1. How long is your script?
  2. Will it need to be translated and in how many languages?
  3. How experienced is your talent?
  4. How many different takes would you like to do?
  5. What kind of direction will be necessary?
  6. How much time in post-production do you need?

Important tip: The recording session is more efficient when the sound engineer and the voice-over artist have been provided with the script well in advance of the session. This way the professionals can go prepared and finish it effortlessly (this voice-over session length calculator helps!). 

3- Be clear about the type of voice you need

It is crucial to determine exactly what tone and style of voice fit your project and what is the audience you are trying to reach. Share with the recording team all elements you might have that could help them find the best agency for the job.

If you want to make sure you are choosing wisely, GoLocalise has a great team of talented people that you can browse their voices and listen to their samples. At GoLocalise they meticulously know their talents and what they are best at and they will happily recommend those who are most suitable for your specific needs. 

4- Make sure the voice-over script is final

In order to perfectly sync your audio with the original film, the script size and timing must match flawlessly.

This might seem obvious at first, but it is essential for saving time in a voice-over recording session. If the script is long, the artist will have to rush through the text and it will not sound natural.

Besides the timing, a experienced translator also knows that the script needs to read well and sound natural, so they always work with those principles in mind.

This pre-production will save a lot of time during the session and guarantee that you will finish it on time.

5- Give your requirements to the sound engineer

The sound engineer will guide you through the recording session to ensure top-quality results. For that exact reason, it is important that he gets all the material in advance, so he can prepare for the session properly.

The sound engineer needs to know exactly what you expect to receive so he can help you choose what delivery format best fits your needs.

If you want to receive unparalleled attention to detail and customer focus at competitive prices, contact GoLocalise. There you will find all that and much more.

6- Provide a brief before the voice-over session

A voice can deliver a message in many different ways and emotions. The more precise you can be when providing instructions, the better they will be able to convey your message.

The team project at GoLocalise can and will certainly help you get the most out of your recording session.

Remember: The voice-over artist will only be able to make the product just the way you want if they are given a clear set of instructions.

7- Attend the recording session

Being an audio engineer is about more than setting microphone levels and flipping switches. If you work with the right professional, he can make your project bloom.

But to ensure that you are getting exactly what you want, you should attend the session in person. That way you can give timely feedback and get the most out of your recording session.

This tip will minimise the risk for retakes and will save you time and money!

8- Ask for a language director

Having your recording session overseen by a language director will ensure the best quality results for your project.

Having a language director and a native speaker of the language present at the recording session will guarantee that the script is delivered correctly, with the right pronunciation and intonation.

Professional Voice-Over in Over 100 Languages

Don’t limit the potential of your professional voice-over project. If you want to reach new markets and promote your content, you can tailor your project to global audiences with professional translation services.

With a specialised translation of your audio and video content, you can make your videos go viral internationally.

At GoLocalise you can use their translation services in more than 100 languages, such as Japanese or even Hungarian (read Japanese Voice-Over Audiovisual Project Step by Step, is a useful guide!).

To make your content accessible to all people around the world, GoLocalise offers the best voice-over professionals and services at a very cost-effective price.

Today’s audiences are less forgiving of content that’s not in their native language. At GoLocalise you can choose from thousands of approved voice actors speaking hundreds of languages with different local accents.

Before you start your next project, contact them and get a quote.

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