Entrepreneur of the Month National

Entrepreneur of the Month National

Entrepreneur of the Month
David García-González

Watch the stage presentation video by Nigel Botterill at the Digital Festival.

“In May our “Entrepreneur of the Month” was one of the loveliest guys you’ll ever meet. There is more love for David in EC than anybody else.

This man is a guy, who grew up in Spain, and has come to England and made England his home. And his business is absolutely booming, because what he does with his fabulous team of staff is translate all stuff into all sort of different languages and he has got customers all over the world.

It is a tremendous business! He is, I think, massively underestimated by many and his charm and lovely personality kind of conceals that, but underneath it all is a proper genuine businessman of steel. He is such an impressive guy and all the better for knowing… He is a great guy that won the award in May.”

The Entrepreneur’s Circle wanted to write an extensive 2 page spread about David’s successes which can be read here.