Things British People Say and What They Really Mean


Discover the intriguing world of communication as we explore the phrases and expressions encapsulating things British people say. Keep reading to unveil with our help the hidden meanings and cultural intricacies behind the British English language, a journey to shed light on the art of British communication. As an audio and video localisation agency, interpreting […]

Enhance Content with Quality Video Subtitling Services

Raising the bar

Although video subtitling services are increasingly common, the standard of professional subtitles can vary greatly. It’s disheartening to come across professional subtitles that are difficult to follow or linguistically inaccurate, considering that these subtitles are the means through which thousands of audience members access TV series or films, or to a educational materials given the […]

Friend Translated: Exploring the Etymology of Friends


The word friend translated into different languages carries diverse meanings across cultures. While translations may seem straightforward at first glance, exploring the etymology and cultural context reveals subtle variations in their significance. An accurate translation require localisation. Here we delve into the roots and evolution of the word friend -the etymology of friends- highlighting how […]

Should Non-Standard English be Used in Subtitles?


A unique challenge arises in subtitling when converting spoken language into a written form: Should subtitles faithfully reflect the original dialogue, including non-standard English dialects and colloquialisms, or should they adhere to standard written English? Join us as we delve deeper into the debate surrounding whether subtitles should convert dialogue into standard written English or […]

Australian Slang: How Do Aussies Speak English?


Although the Aussies do speak English, they have their very own unique Australian slang that sometimes make it sound like a completely different language. The Aussies speak English shortening a lot of words; last syllables are dropped or the word is changed completely. For example, afternoon is now ‘arvo’, not to be confused with ‘avo’, […]

The Task of Localising Harry Potter


This video, courtesy of Vox, recounts the struggles that translators faced when translating the Harry Potter series into their mother tongues. Not only did they have to preserve the source texts’ wit, but they also had to make some educated guesses about what J.K. Rowling wanted to convey in each text. Many of the problems […]

English as a Lingua Franca


According to the Oxford Dictionary, a lingua franca is “a language that is adopted as a common language between speakers whose native languages are different.” Throughout the years English has taken the role of lingua franca in the business world and is now the language we all use when we communicate with people whose native […]

The Holi Festival of Colours


According to The Guardian, the Holi Festival traditionally celebrates spring’s arrival and the victory of good over evil. As with many traditions, there are various legends around this festivity. One such legend recounts the story of how the Vishnu god saved one of his followers from his evil aunt who burnt to death. For this […]

Is it Pancake Day?


All around London people gathered yesterday to celebrate the special day. There were handfuls of pancake races, a pancake-themed book club meeting and even a Pancake Day Rave. Talk about love for pancakes! At our studios we couldn’t exactly rave with our pancakes, but we did enjoy them with bananas, Nutella, lemon and sugar. Bene […]

Gearing Up for Carnival Celebrations


Religiously speaking, Carnival is the festive season before the period of Lent and it is typically celebrated in the streets, merging elements of masks, costumes, music and cheerfulness. In some parts of Spain, for example, during Carnavales it is tradition to have contests in the streets of choral folk songs. In Cádiz, there is even […]