Things British People Say and What They Really Mean


Discover the intriguing world of communication as we explore the phrases and expressions encapsulating things British people say. Keep reading to unveil with our help the hidden meanings and cultural intricacies behind the British English language, a journey to shed light on the art of British communication. As an audio and video localisation agency, interpreting […]

English as a Lingua Franca


According to the Oxford Dictionary, a lingua franca is “a language that is adopted as a common language between speakers whose native languages are different.” Throughout the years English has taken the role of lingua franca in the business world and is now the language we all use when we communicate with people whose native […]

Is it Pancake Day?


All around London people gathered yesterday to celebrate the special day. There were handfuls of pancake races, a pancake-themed book club meeting and even a Pancake Day Rave. Talk about love for pancakes! At our studios we couldn’t exactly rave with our pancakes, but we did enjoy them with bananas, Nutella, lemon and sugar. Bene […]

Humour in Subtitling


Humour can occur on different levels, through words, images, the interplay of both, or it can also reside inside the plot itself. They can be: Linguistic jokes (or language-specific humour/jokes, e.g. puns) Cultural jokes (or culture-specific humour/jokes, e.g. ethnic jokes) Universal jokes (the unexpected) Translating and subtitling humour is a matter of priorities and choices. […]

The Localised World of Disney

Snow white

Disney’s exporting agenda is at the heart of this ‘magic’. Indeed, the company started translating and localising in the early 1930s. This process occurred very early, at a time when it was very rare for any company in America to export anything at all. Companies never wanted to take the risk of selling abroad. Both […]

Gaming Mistranslations in the 1990s


However, between the 1980s and the 2000s, the localisation process was far from being compulsory and players were happy enough to get to play games in their language, whatever the quality of the translation.  When games were exported, the translation was often overlooked, causing mistakes that led to player confusion and sometimes even made it impossible […]

Lost in Translation: Untranslatable Words from Around the World


There are many words in the world that are hard to translate. It is challenging to find the right translation or voice over artist to get the right output. This blog guides you to find the meanings for the remote words. These words help the artists in the projects like Brazilian voice over and other […]

The Bonfires of Saint John


This festival comes from ancient times, when humans used the Sun to guide them. Our ancestors believed that the Sun was in love with the Earth and they actually thought that the Sun refused to leave the Earth. They realised that at some point in the year the king star lost its strength and days became […]

Toolkit for Translation


In translation we work with words; therefore dictionaries are one of our key tools. It is very important to know how to use a dictionary and what they can offer us. But the definition of words isn’t everything – as a translator you must have heard millions of times that the most important thing about […]

Life Cycle of a Voice Over Session

What is dubbing. Voice-over and dubbing artist at work at Golocalise Studio premises.

Casting is the first, and also one of the most important stages of the voice over process. Making sure you have the most suitable voice for your project is essential for ensuring the success of the session. If we’re working from an original video, then often this voice will be taken as reference. The client […]